Force Protection Coy ARRC Sp Bn Herrick 4

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by WessexMortarman, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know who privides this role currently, and are they Infantry?

    Is the role now being covered by the Kabul Patrols coy, currently 1 RGBWLI?

    I am due to go out with a TA Pl to join this Coy, and wondered who they are.

    PS I have now shaped my 4th beret and am wearing it!!
  2. Thanks Merlin, I have read this, but was looking for a bit more.
  3. Hi WessexMortarman

    Rumour has it that the Kabul patrols coy will be covered by proper infantry units, not RLC Pioneers who still do their best to dual role as infantry and artisans. At the moment it looks like the ARRC Sp Bn will be doing a key point defence role using the pioneers. Unfortunately they will probably not get to do a lot of patrols outside of the wire, but if they do I'm sure they will be relying on the hired help (you) for infantry expertise in that area. The the Engs, Sigs, Chefs, Drivers, etc within the Bn will be doing thier own specialised jobs around the base(s) and it looks more and more likely that the Bn will be spread over both ISAF HQ and camp Souter.

    Of course this is pure speculation 'coz nobody's made the official decisions. I do know that CO ARRC SP BN has been out to see your CO just before Christmas so expect to hear all the details when you get back.

    Hope that helps a bit more than the 4 line web link.

  4. Oh, I nearly forgot.

    We're all calling it ISAF 9 now, not Herrick 4 now, God only nows why, probably something to do with all that political nonsence that I try to avoid.
  5. Thanks Dutch Bird.

    I have now heard a little more following the meeting you described, and your information is spot on.

    Any word on the rumoured Dutch pull out mentioned in the Newspapers?

    I'm sure that decisions will be made soon!

    I look forward to providing the hired help.

  6. I can forsee a lot of unhappy TA soldiers if they end up stagging on for the duration of the tour. It has been difficult enough getting enough TA soldiers together in the first place, and it wouldn't exactly help retention if they became gate guards for 6 months. It also wouldn't help encourage people to go on the next deployment (rumors have it that the RRV may be providing people again - where the powers that be think these people are going to come from, I don't know!).

    Here's hoping the infanteers get to do their job...
  7. Glad to be of service

    The Christian Democratic Party, Greens and other lefty's are the ones causing all the problems with this, hopefully they'll reach an agreement soon. That's what you get if you have a coalition government.

    It will probably come down to a comprimise of sending the Dutch troops somewhere less dangerous than their current AOR or a reduction in numbers/tasks. But in the end they will be there in some capacity.

    Dutch Bird
  8. Probably worried the dutch dont know who to surrender to yet . :lol:
  9. Chances are it will be the same as Telic for TA inf. Either back fill Reg Inf Platoons or If its a formed unit it will be guard a camp and a "Small" AO around the camp.
  10. Wessex,

    I refer you to my answer to this question that you posted in 'Just TA,' back in Dec:

    The Cloggy Bird is correct in some ways in what she says but I'm told by a very reliable source that CO Sp Bn HQ ARRC has good things in mind for you RRV chaps and not just stagging on as wg100 mentions. However, what she gets wrong is the following:

    1. The Dutch are expected to leave because their Government deems it to dangerous to carry on in Afghanistan. See here:,,2087-1965621,00.html

    2. It has not been decided by Whitehall who will carry out the KPC task (Sp Bn HQ ARRC cannot conduct this task).

    The only other thing that I have heard is that you will be joining Sp Bn HQ ARRC very soon (this month (Jan)) to commence their Pre-Op Tour Training Package and to integrate into the unit.

    You may also find this short article, which quotes COMARRC, useful:,1284,1644324,00.html

    And this which gives an insight into the thinking behind the Dutch decision and the NATO decision making process.,1284,1642926,00.html

    And just remember...........never take the word of a Subaltern seriously (know what I mean Dutchy)?????

    PM me if you need anything else.
  11. Well General (ha ha) yes The Times is really the best place to catch up on Dutch current afairs. Why don't you try the Algemeen Dagblad or the Nederlands Dagblad for what's really going. Oh no you can't can you! ;-)

    hummm, note to self, I must change my not so anonymous ARRSE name before anybody else catches on.
  12. The collective 'WE'? As far as the MoD are concerned it's Op HERRICK isn't it?
  13. I think what the Dutch Bird means is that HQ ARRC take over ISAF 9 and UK PLC continue as Op HERRICK 4 (16 AA Bde).

    Have a look at this for more info:
  14. Gen M,

    Thanks for the insight. We are looking forward to meeting 170 Sqn, and getting stuck in to the training.

    No doubt we will see you in Germany.