Forbidden pictures

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dextrose, Jun 19, 2005.

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  1. Just noticed that 2 of the pictures that I submitted were not put into the gallery I can agree with the admins that some pictures should not be shown but got me thinking there must be some cracker’s of pictures that fall by the wayside and are kept can I say this .. for private viewing any chance of these “Forbidden pictures” be put up elsewhere (not linked to arrse) where we can do our own “private viewing”.. :twisted:
  2. Its because you are ugly.
  3. snappy reply outstanding go now before i throw salt in front of you ;-)
  4. This does lead to the questions being asked.... What were on the pictures that were classed as 'Forbidden'? What are we being protected from? Where can I get to see them?

    I need answers! 8O
  5. Ooooh - I am scared.
  6. He was getting bumbed by a big black man
  7. Why weren't they in the RLC forum then?
  8. It's spelt bummed ..... and he was white. :wink:
  9. Back on thread sexual fantasies later pictures over the last few days have been pets if beastility rocks your boat crack on but where are all the bonnie burdies ... with their norks out of course
  10. Is that it? Great comeback. 2 out of 10 for effort, 1 out of ten for spelling, 0 for originality.
  11. dale have i upset you in a previous life or are you looking for a bite

  12. Nah worry about it mate. I've submitted (honest) loads of pics and only a few have appeared. Best was a pic of me masterbating into a tub of marge in the fridge, but it never appeared! And don't try taking Dale on, she can suck a 20 metre hose pipe dry (and its filled with cement!).