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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Blanco, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. First post - so here goes:
    Not the most exciting of topics I know, but I was sorting through some junk when I found an old Forage Cap belonging to an ancient uncle of mine.
    No Regt. badge attached; I was wondering when these were withdrawn from use? I know he served in Palestine in the late '40's, with an Infantry Regt. - possibly the Middlesex Regt.


  2. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I presume you mean a universal khaki chip bag. Regimental chip bags (i.e. in regimental colours, not khaki) were still commonplace in 1989 when I left.

    We weren't encouraged to wear them with combats (though it was tolerated when a combat jacket was worn as a raincoat after the flashermacs were withdrawn). I'd imagine that when CS95 or whatever it's called came along, the chances to wear them would be severely restricted. That said, I saw DRAC in the Mess at Bovvy on Saturday and IIRC he was carrying what I'd expect to be an LD chip bag - it looked remarkably like a 15/19H hat - that he'd just taken off - but I could be wrong?

    So I wouldn't like to say the chip bag has died out completely. As to the khaki chip bag, I'd guess it went out with Battledress (in the 60s?).

    But I really haven't got a clue. Just giving my two penn'orth.
  3. I'd guess a lot earlier - late 1940s, perhaps? My father was last photographed wearing the chip bag (side-hat) in 1945. Every pic taken thereafter has him in a beret. Dad detested it (seems he & I disagreed on most things re. uniform), but I quite liked our Regimental side-hat - still part of barracks dress in 1969, when I left.

  4. Post a picture that might help
  5. That started to be phased out during WW2. The RAF still wear them at times, well aircrew seem to and so do certain ranks in certain units in the Army.
  6. I've seen an RAF Regt Sgt wear one at Larkhill.

    And a QRH col wearing a fcuking strange one at Bovington. (both fam visits btw, in 2006)
  7. Remember seeing them pretty frequently in the 70's and less so in the 80's.

    Seem to remember that Lt Div and British Gurkha Occifer types wore them pretty frequently.

    Last time I definitely remember seeing one was on General Kenny when he was Comd 1 (Br) Corps. But I think he was an Irish Hussar????
  8. I had one whilst in the RAF in the 80s. For a while they were supposedly not permitted, but no-one took any notice and they seem to have reappeared lately in greater numbers. They are favoured by aircrew because they fit in the ankle pocket of the growbag.
  9. Always thought a Forage Cap had a peak and those folding things were called Side Hats or in the case of the QRIH., Tent Cap.
  10. Yep, heard them called all those names. Gunner officers and attached arms are expected to wear them in 1 Arty Bde as at 2005.

    Re "Tent hat", I had the delight of over hearing one guards officer berating another for wearing his version of said hat, to be greeted with the most eloquent response:

    "The regulations clearly state that this hat may be worn when inspecting the camels or when in tented accommodation. This temporary lecture theatre is little more than a big fcuk off tent, hence I think you will find I am, actually, quite correctly dressed".

    No matter what your feelings are about Household officers, they do put people down remarkably well!!!
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The RAF started to phase them out around 1985 when I was finishing trade training,certainly they were'nt issued anymore.At the same time they phased out the RAF No.2 'Thunderbird' jacket.Some do still wear them but it's frowned upon by the SWO's & drill pigs.
  12. A cracking response!
  13. Chip bags are still approved and commonplace in the RAF. As VB says, us aircrew types prefer them as they fit neatly into a flying suit pocket.

    Having recently been attached to an Army HQ, such headress seems to be making a comeback amongst Army officers and I even saw several QRL chaps wearing them (or is that what you guys call 'tent hats'?) in the Maysaan desert.
  14. I was in the first flight at Swinderby to all be issued the 'new' No.2 dress, complete with Thunderbird jacket - some previous flights were still getting battledress (in 1976!). I never wore mine, and handed it back in pristine condition. The Thunderbird jacket was a horrible thing that, like the hideously ill-fitting Raincoat, Man's, RAF has now been consigned to history.
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    You mean the Flasher Mac!God they were fecking aweful!Soon as I got to my Squadron,scrounged one of the olive green liney jackets & never wore it since!