For Zulu film anoraks

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by shaka, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. There's sad for you.
  2. Yes "isint it"
  3. Not just that, but most of the soldiers were English.
  4. Correct, mostly from a warwickshire regiment!!

    Most of the VC winners were English infact
  5. Now that's unkind look you
  6. Who gives a flying custard cream?
    They were all British Toms .....
  7. Bwyso i mewn dangnefedd
  8. Sorry to tell you this mate but I think your keyboard is knackered. I could'nt make heads or tails of what you typed.
  9. You heathen englishman :twisted:

    Welsh for

    Rest in peace

    Of the 24th Regt. at the defence, the numbers (Source: 'The Noble 24th. by Norman Holme), 49 were English, 18 Monmouthshire, 16 Irish, 1 Scottish, 14 Welsh and 21 whose nationality has not been fully established.
  10. Great film but full of inaccuracies. I've always thought it ironic that the real Henry Hook VC was a model soldier, teetotaller and non-conformist lay preacher.
  11. There were very few regiments that were wholly English, Irish ,Welsh or Scottish but they were all British and that's the strength of the British army the fact that nationalism doesn't rear it's ugly head in the ranks. We'll leave that to the politicians.
  12. They had one Jock? No wonder the Zulus ran away! :twisted:

    Unhand my coat, sir!
  13. Hard to believe but even back then the zulu wars cost Britain something like £ 5 million. And it was like today, a volunteer army.

    Just to add, the average TOM at Rorkes drift was aged 23 years old.

    Dont mean to be a boring git!
  14. But Britain was getting a return for its investment in terms of raw materials etc taken from Africa and for that matter the rest of the Empire. What are we getting out of 'Stan and the Sandpit?