For watfungdat 007 story to cheer you up

Cast of Characters
Blofelt - Monty
His cat - Smithers
Mini me - the keeper
Evil henchman/snitch - the blob

Bond - the Guardsman
Sidekick - cardiac
M - er indoors
Q - Q

Scene One.

Blofelt sat stroking his cat and is menacingly surveying OUR world, slyly working out a cunning plan on who to pick on next and ruin their loyalty to OUR world.

Bond crashes through the door with his sidekick and shouts 'The game is up Blofelt, we are on to you'

Blofelt replies pushing his pussy behind him 'I don't know why you and cardiac are here, you will pay for this, I don't know why are you here'

Bond shouts 'What do you want from us Blofelt'

Blofelt replies scratching his dribbling pussy ' I want to take over your world, I want my evil henchmen on every corner, in every office, snitching on everything the good people do. I want my pussy to rule the world with me, with mini me tagging on behind and bringing up the rear. But most of all Bond I will not rest until every person in your world is broken and bend to my will'

Bond replies 'Do you expect me to tell you everything?'

Blofelt 'No Mr Bond I expect you all to die!'

Bond leaps across the room knocking the pussy out of the window. Mini me can't see over the desk, he tries to stand on a chair to hit Bond but as he swings the chair swivels and he falls to the floor. He pulls himself up and is at groin height, he tries to take a bite from Bonds nether regions but Bond is too quick and side steps him sending him tumbling into the wastepaper basket.
Blofelt begins to scream, the most ghastly scream ever heard as he realises his snaggly old pussy has been thrown out of the window and as he makes for the door M stand in his way blocking his wrinkly body from escape. bond sees his chance and uses his flamethrower to burn his mother f****** arse, he is duely swept up and dropped in the bin with a squirming mini me.

The moral of the story is - no matter how bad things seem, or how hopeless the situation is, no man or woman is greater than OUR world and eventually they all fall down the only factor is HOW HARD?
I'm glad you like it, I will support you all I promise. Don't ever get disheartened the enemies will go long before we do.
Remember one thing, something some people have lost sight of - THE CADETS!, they come first and as long as we protect them and serve them to our best abilities we can bury our heads in the sands and avoid any incoming - they can't last forever.
Be brave and keep heart my loyal Knight.
Lady_G - if you're Keira Knightley then great but WTF are you doing here?
Don't stress it's not aimed at you or the army, it's between friends, just chill, lifes too short and beside the whole point of this site is not to name names, but those who are in the know, know what is meant - confused? don't even try to understand and as for the name it's a nickname the same as yours - chill man
Oh, I see!

ACF politics finding its way into cyberspace by any chance?
I can't always say the things that I want to say, in my position I can't always tell the boys that i'm there for them but now and again things happen and people get frustrated and I try to make things better but brass always upset them again. this is my way of cheering them up and telling them that I do understand. It makes them laugh and can sometimes stop them doing silly things.
Gald you know what I mean though
Defend the ramparts of Camelot in peace, m'lady.
I like this site all you guys are great fun you make me laugh especially when i read some of your comments - whoever invented this site needs a medal - oops sorry medals given out to lazy arsed pop stars, millionaires or lying sods not a chance for our poor soldiers fighting for freedom in this world or good people who enhance others lives. keep sending messages you are all wicked


they havnt done anything to me lady g
but they only know of me and dont know me personally
i just like to keep a low profile from all of them, but i do think "mini me" is a the cadet real life, haha
That's the best way keep a low profile and avoid the projectiles, as for mini me, heros come in many sizes but it's not their size that counts but the size of the good deeds they do - I will hold judgement on that one the proof still hasn't materialised yet but if it does I will be the first to admit it if it does.

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