For Valour - VC Awarded to Australian Digger

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by beagleboy, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. Well done that man.

    I do like the PM's quote:

    RAR soldier awarded Victoria Cross for Afghan valour - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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  2. Awesome to see a Royal Australian regiment infantryman, get this honour.
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  3. Congratulations to him. Well done.
  4. I was going to say the same.
  5. When you look at American troop numbers that have been deployed since 2001, they have only awarded 6 MoH!...never thought I would say that the American medal awards system is holding more credibility.

    I'm not saying the Digger doesn't deserve an award, but 3 VCs with a total troop commitment of 1000, not all in the combat role!
  6. Balls of tungsten carbide.

    Well done that man.

  7. This is the first Australian Afghan VC awarded to a non-special force soldier which makes it interesting as the majority of the pointy-stick going bang stuff is done by the special forces. The remainder are in mentoring and construction roles.

    It is also interesting that on each of the three occasions where a VC has been awarded it has been where the recipient has exposed himself to danger in order to provide protection and/or to save his comrades rather than for a straight forward attack on the enemy.

    As to the comparison between Australia and the UK I think the answer is political. Not in the sense of which party is governing but it has always appeared to me that whether the VC is awarded or not has more to do with other considerations than whether the deed itself merits the award.
  8. There is [almost] always a political element in the awarding of gallantry medals (VCs for Rorke's Drift is a good example - very clear aim of getting the public's eye off the humiliating defeat at Isandhlwana).

    That does not, and should not, take anything away from the simple courage shown by this bloke, nor the 24th of Foot at Rorke's Drift (hardly a Taff amongst them, remember).
  9. Stonker, I didn't mean to belittle the deeds of anyone who has been awarded the VC and if that is how you interpreted my post then I apologise for not making myself more clear. Clearly to deliberately and repeatedly draw enemy fire in order that your fellow troops can be rescued is bravery of the highest order.
  10. Not having a pop at you: just reinforcing your original point.

    I've made very unpopular observations before now, on Arrse, about the politics behind the awarding of [lesser] gongs.

    I thought you were spot on, but felt the comment needed a bit of context.

    Hope I didn't intrude.

  11. Maybe, but the criteria for the award has not changed, just has become Australian.

    Bravo Zulu to all VC awards and to all the ones who did not be recommended, they were all on the same award sheet and all well deserved.

    Lest We forget
  12. Don't let yourself get get lost in the romance of the VC. The criteria against which the award is made have had an element of elastic built in pretty much since day 1: see my comments above about Rorke's Drift.

    And don't take this as me having a pop at its winners. It isn't. It's me having a pop at the buggers who - from the comfort of an office - apply themselves to choosing who-gets-what.
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  13. Well done mate. Sign him up.
  14. Firstly, well done that man. He undoubtedly deserves a VC.

    Secondly, it is interesting that the Australians seem to give far more medals (per capita) than the UK - not just VCs. It is disingenuous to say that, because they have some of the same awards as the UK and that both countries share a Queen, that direct comparison can be made. I don't think so.

    Not only do Diggers get, in some cases, 3 medals for the same actions that would get a Brit only one, I think that the bar is lower for gallantry awards as well. There, I've said it. Flame me.

    But remember my first point.