For valour - a Vespa of beauty

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Kromeriz, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. The story's good, but to be remembered as a scooter? The shame.
  2. Oh come on! The scoot is not the bloke, just celebrates his courage and the time and effort invested in the scoot reflects the man. Better to have some name engraved that just stands there or something of beauty travelling the country and bringing history alive?
  3. Too fussy, takes away the lovely lines of the scooter.

    Anyone seen that Lambretta that poses around Whitby...... had it done in I think the paint job is scumble.

    Looks like the scooter is made from wood, all panels grained like pine.
  4. I am sending you a sense of humour at once!

    You'll need it to go with the Triumph Bonneville in the same package.
  5. Yes, come on, do!

    It is; 1) Italian, not very high in the word association connections with valour or the Victoria Cross.

    2) called a Vespa; that's more Italian for wasp, from the irritating high pitched droning noise they make.

    and 3) A scooter, a motorized roller skate, a skate board unhappily married to a chain saw engine.

    Nice art work, but it should be on an English bike, a Triumph, a Norton Commando, a Velocette or, better yet, a Vincent; that needs bravery just to start the bastard.

    A poor comparison with the Orange County chopper stuff seen on telly, an eccentrically English decoration of a crap Italian velocipede .
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  6. Watch out for incoming drones.....
  7. Each to their own...
    It is Iconic in design
    The engine has some good antecedents

    The inspiration for the design of the Vespa dates back to Pre-World War II Cushman scooters made in Nebraska, USA. These olive green scooters were in Italy in large numbers, ordered originally by Washington as field transport for the Paratroopsand Marines. The US military had used them to get around Nazi defense tactics of destroying roads and bridges in the Dolomites (a section of the Alps) and the Austrian border areas.

    It works, and generally never had to be pushed unlike British bikes.

    It has no chain... EPIC FAIL.

    Agreed about starting British bikes.

    It was also militarized to great effect.

    AND, if you ever listen to R D Taylor singing a Ghost in my Heart, he emulates the Vespa perfectly as you go through the gears.

    AND not forgetting that the Romans gave us Valour!

    So each to their own.
  8. It certainly was; comic effect mostly.

    And the Romans weren't Italians, they were just Romans. Italy didn't exeist as a state until recently.

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  9. I have heard that recoiless rifles are making a come back in Afghanistan... the US Mil certainly favour there use. Perhaps added to a Vespa it would add panache to occasion!

    Bit of the Light Dragoons me thinks.
  10. It redefines crotch-rocket, very phallic symbolic type stuff.
  11. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Wasn't Vespa a type of female sanitary thingy?
  12. 'Cept the armed ones were actually French!

    Tried so bloody hard to find one of those once upon a time.
  13. I.d stuff Eva Green aka as Vespa Lynd anytime. Especially if she was straddled across me on the bike.
  14. I would love to take that on a Scooter rally