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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BTDT, Sep 20, 2011.

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  1. /images/attach/jpg.gif

    From today's Telegraph: pic of Ben Ainslie.

    I've seen some odd UJs in my time, but this one appears to be correct way up for the top half but upside down for the lower half. Anyone got better eyes than me and can confirm/deny?

    (Having trouble making the pic link work - hope it shows!)

    Second try with link!
  2. This is what the internet said. union_jack.png
  3. Precisely my point
  4. There certainly does seem to be some oddery about that flag.
  5. Made in China.
  6. Wouldn't surprise me. Walmart has been caught out selling American flags with 61 stars. Made in China. Maybe the chinks can't count - or think we can't. ;-)
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  7. Or more likely don't actually give a **** as they know we will buy any old shite so long as it is cheap.
  8. Really? Look at you Avatar
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  9. His avatar flag is right!
  10. Not sure of your point

    th_UJ.jpg [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Note the right hand side of the flag on the boat and compare it to my avatar and the flag that Mad Prof got from somewhere on the internet.
  11. Windows clipart used to have that fucked-up Union Jack, so they probably got it from there.
  12. Trust us Brits to make our flag anally tedious to get right. Why don't we just simplify it and have the diagonal reds tidied up? Or removed when we get rid of NI?
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  13. I was referring to the one further up the page (Mad Prof). Why is it wrong?
  14. That top picture seems to be one of those flags is the same ether way, so it's wrong which ether way you put it up.
  15. Nothing is wrong with it. The one that is wrong is the one on the boat, which is the one the thread is about.