For Ukraine - donations sought for safe anesthesia equipment


From the website of the North Devon Manufacturers Association...

Diamedica receives urgent appeal for medical equipment in Ukraine crisis

Having received an urgent appeal for portable medical equipment to treat civilians caught up in the current conflict in Ukraine, Diamedica UK is working closely with Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide – SAWW to garner donations for this urgent cause.

Please consider donating so that we can send portable anaesthesia machines, portable respiratory devices to support newborn babies (CPAP) and oxygen concentrators to Ukraine. You can donate via webpage ‘Medical Aid for Ukraine on the SAWW (Safe Anaesthesia World Wide) website:

Diamedica is based in Bratton Fleming, North Devon and manufactures portable anaesthesia machines and respiratory devices specifically designed for operation in low-resource settings. You may recall Managing Director, Robert Neighbour’s enthralling talk at the NDMA awards several years ago, explaining the amazing, lifesaving benefits his products have to populations across developing countries and warzones.


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Having been involved in this sort of thing (Anaesthesia development for Afghanistan), I'd caution against enthusiastically embracing this request to offload stuff you don't want any more:

Almost universally, people donate kit that is (for many reasons) unsuitable, and which usually just ends up as junk in the corner of a room.

Obviously, if anyone is considering donating kit, they need to make sure the process is appropriately vetted and of adequate quality. I'm not sure if Diamedica can fulfill the (surprisingly many) requirements necessary to get the right kit to the right people in the right condition so it can be used safely enough and supported properly.

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I thought that they were asking for donations of money, so they can build more kit and send it out. I would be happy to do some voluntary work helping put stuff together - as my background is in Electronic Engineering and I do have some understanding of Quality management and control.

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