For Those With Low Self Esteem Issues This Will Surely Help

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jumpinjarhead, Nov 13, 2010.

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  1. I'm on my mobile at the minute JJH so the link doesn't come up properly. If its the AK47 story then I'm in.

    If I buy one of those mahoosive pick-ups with the pointless huge engines will they bung me an AT4?
  2. You will enjoy the link when you get to your computer.
  3. Holy crap!

    Milwaukie is only ten miles from me and I hadn't seen this story* yet. I must be slipping.

    *Referring to the tosser with the missing upper front teeth. It was only later I found another fifty mugshots. What a collection of pond life that escaped the gene pool.
  4. Number Five.An extra in several scary movies?
  5. Some interesting looking people there. They wouldn't look out of place in any part of the north east of England. Especially around Hartlepool.
  6. Come clean JJH. Which one is you? :)

    (I like the one of the 'man who headbutted police officer'. He has the largest forehead I've ever seen. I would want it crashing into my fizog.
  7. Just got round to looking properly and have to say there are some handsome devils.
  8. 7 = Maradonna
    8 = David Jason.....he's let himself go since the end of Only Fools and Horses
    9 = Sebastian Chabal has obviously been hit hard since leaving France
  9. I'm sure it said that No 25 was a woman,sure doesn't like like any fucking woman I've ever seen!!! Such a collection of retreads and gargoyles can surely never have been assembled elsewhere.Makes me glad to be normal????
  10. Ahem. Allow me.


    Already I can see Arrsers breaking out the Photoshop to grab new themselves new avatars...
  11. In that case I'm reserving second from the right on the top row - The Fly
  12. Wow... and I thought that the Neandertals had died out.... Mind you there are a few folks living in Norfolk, East Anglia, England UK who might come from the same tribe as these.... or certainly have the same Uncle and Aunties.....
  13. That's the Latest Photo of The Queens Company, GGG.
  14. ?????????? So? Everyone has a bad day occasionally.