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For those who shave their heads


A friend who I worked with in Nigeria thought he'd do his driver a good turn by giving him some surplus disposable razors and shaving cream, head, for the use of.

Apparently the conversation went along the lines of:

Friend says, "Here you are Femi, you can have these razors and shaving cream for your head."

Driver: "No thank you I have a spoon."

Friend "But you can shave your head with these."

Driver "But I have a spoon."

This went on almost ad infinitum until my friend enquired further about said 'spoon'. The driver came back the next day with his spoon and some talcum powder to show him. The spoon was sharpened to a razor edge and along with the talcum powder the driver used it to shave his head.
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I have got myself one of these. I shave my head at least once a week and using a normal man's Razor I do sometimes end up looking like an extra from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This little thing though is bloody cracking, did my head twice as fast, no cuts and it feels "Natural" when using it, it just glides over your head and you don't miss any bits.
Wor lass uses hair removing cream, fcuking stinks, don't know if you can use it on your head or not, probably not judging by the stench of it. She reckons her fanny stings for about a day after using it.
Aldi's cheapo razor and shaving gel does my bonce ok. ;)


Surely one of these would be value.


Could also be used on the patrol wagon at a pinch.
Or since you prefer the Landy.
Tbh I think Gillette are missing a trick here.
Sell it in macho packaging as a head Razor.
The right on trendy lads will pay £12 a pop for one of those.
It would be a better marketing ploy than any they've exhibited recently.

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