For those who are no longer in Germany

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by skintboymike, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. Now that you can get currywurst sauce in Lidl and hardcore fisting-porn in every high street, there is no point going the fatherland anymore anyway.

    In fact there is still one reason - those booths in porn shops where you can watch grot by the minute. Now that's civilised!
  2. Sunday afternoon in Germany and you are munching crisps!!

    I have not been sausage side for a while, but surely you

    should be powering into Wobbly/Herforder/Veltins etc.

    It seems to have dulled down since I was last posted there.

    Even as a ''pad''.

    Cheers N_W.
  3. I would be if I was there :D

    Not to worry, I'm consoling myself with an imported Bitburger as we speak.
  4. Good drills.

    I miss the Sunday sessions. Just a quick few in the afternoon, because we have to work in the
    morning. Cue 11 o clock that night bladdered. Thinking, shite got parade at 0800

    Special beer aftershave was the de-rigeur thing on most Monday morning
    parades the world over, not just bratty land :D

    Cheers N_W.
  5. My Lidl haven't got currywurst sauce. Bastards! :x
  6. Tesco's is doing decent paprika flavoured crisps for a quid a bag at the minute not bad either
  7. Isn't Paprika the ONLY flavoured crisps they do? WTF is a paprika anyway?
  8. Its made from cleverness. Then ground up and mixed with some more different magic cleverness then prittsticked onto crisps.

    There was rumour that it was made from the ground down hair and spectacles left in Treblinka, but i think rumours of glass content affected sales.
  9. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Skintboymike is a Crisp Walt. He really likes the hermer ones that feature "cracked Black Peppercorns" and "Balsamic Vinegar".

    He's just claiming that he likes the Paprika ones because he wants to look hard.

    And he has a German wife so hardly has to break sweat to get them. ;)

    Whilst on the subject - who eats Erdnuss Flips. And why?

    PS Mike, Hope Darth with boobs, SLCC and bump are all well. :D
  11. Just back from Germany with Zigeuner sauce, curry ketchup, senf, crates of Herfy and tins of gulasch soup. Superb stuff!
  12. Used to love the Zwiebelfest this time of year. Mushrooms with garlic sauce and pancakes filled with nutella yummy - great fun day out for all the family.
  13. Crisp Walt duly outed. Not cracked black peppercorn flavour though, cos that's racist that is.

    PS: Mr Shankly, just pick an avatar and stick to it, will you? :D
  14. I can even get Senf in the little beer mugs in Cardiff. Of course some Bratties from Lidl (especially the likkle ones!), Banana Beer in Tesco's and now paprika crisps......................who needs Der Fatherland?