For Those in the US Who Have Criticized the UK For Its Inadequate Equipment

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jumpinjarhead, Jan 6, 2011.

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  1. JJ It's always the same my friend. The Armed Forces get the sh-tty end of the stick.

    I wonder sometimes how both civilians and military employed in MOD/DoD procurement systems can sleep at night, in the knowledge that through a combination of inefficiency, poor systems, the 'old boy network and, unfortunately, outright corruption allied to Inter Service 'willy waving' have the end effect that soldiers in the field have poor or potentially defective equipment.

    I know those who don't do a decent job are a minority, but it is surely time for those who can and will do the right thing to turn round and cause a root and branch reorganis(z)ation of a department that in our case in the UK is very close to 'unfit for purpose'.

    Guess I'm in clod cuccko land again though, as the only people who can sort it out are our elected political 'masters', and we all know how great they are!!!
  2. Sadly too true.
  3. USARNG pal of mine had his life saved by his SAPI plate - IED shrapnel was enough to snap it in half, though.
  4. What was the motive for the corner cutting?

    Cost saving? Getting something into service quickly even if not upto scratch (ie better than nothing) or some other reason?
  5. Am I missing something or is that less a news story and more a text message?

    I'm all for brevity in reporting but that's daft.
  6. Pretty Shitty Journalism

    When were these tests?

    Which Vests were tested? IBA? IOTV, MTV, PRU-70?

    What way were corners cut? Ballistic testing, or paperwork?

    I remember the PASGT Helmet fiasco that wasnt.

    Army contractor made helmets from Kevlar cuttings versus strips, army went nuts, after testing found it stronger and cheaper per unit compared to Spec.
  7. It is but to whet your appetite for your own inquiry.
  8. My IBA saved me twice in 2 months. Schrapnel both times stopped dead by the vest (Still injured in Arms, Legs, Face). Another friend was loading the dead into an evac vehicle when shot in the back, nothing but a bruise
  9. Charmed life you lead!
  10. Military kit is always made or constructed to an approved standard.

    Any company that tenders the lowest cost to supply military equpment is never, ever, going to produce anything in excess of that standard.

    Thats why both Squaddies and GI's spend their own money on extras to enhance or supplement barely adequete issued equipment.
  11. Glad you are still with us, but sounds to me like i might want to be paired with some one else!!