For those Drivers amongst us......

Discussion in 'RLC' started by CH512O, Mar 31, 2013.

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  1. I don't suppose thats your eBay account by any chance?
  2. God no, i sell Jerrican ones.
  3. cufflinks.jpg

    just found these ones for the Chefs....
  4. jerrycan.png

    and these ones for you !
  5. Im leaving the Army soon, **** the Kukri, i want those!
  6. They should lower the price a bit their all going CAST.
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  7. Just to illustrate that:

  8. They'll just pretend to break down and call out a VM/contract recy to fix them.
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  9. Right you cheeky bastard. You and me, outside, toe to toe......

    Not all drivers are thick missing links between man and ape, some are rad ops too.

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  10. Sad as it is, i was presented these winning part of the Trog Driving Contest run by 9 TLR the other year. As a crusty old WO2 i won the MHE Contest.....but whatever i beat Trogs and Stackers who should of beaten this Pet Op!!

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  11. Even radiator operators go mad eventually, it's all the battery acid you drink!
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  12. To be fair though CH, you were a driver for a while until you were sacked.