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Seen pictures of SE5a's with spinners.
I would suggest that you've seen an SE5a with a captured German spinner flown by James McCudden (B'4891, 56 Sqn, with squadron identification serial variously B6, 6 and G). If a CdP were fitted to the propellor of an in-line engine (like on an SE5a) rather than the prop shaft of a rotary (like on a Nieuport 17), the CdP would in fact 'spin'.

ETA; deleted Albert Ball info - that was a CdP on a Nieuport 17 (A'213, 60 Sqn, squadron ident A I).

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November's Airfix Magazine has a review of WNW's Stahltaube:

Advanced Build – Wings of a Dove
Wingnut Wings’ stunning 1/32 Jeannin Stahltaube monoplane gets a definitive ‘thumbs up’ from Steve Budd.

And the Blenheim!


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