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Discussion in 'Tabletop Gaming & RPG' started by amazing__lobster, Apr 7, 2006.

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  1. I thought the RTS geeks might appreciate knowing about this. Try the High treason add-on.

    I've been playing it tonight and the AI is solid.

    Just out of interest, has anyone else even heard of this?
  2. Had seen act of war in the shops just pulled this off the pczone website

    Old-school and loving it

    • Stunning visuals and high production values
    • Strong (if ridiculous) storyline
    • Gets all the RTS basics right
    • Some nice innovations, especially 'human resource management'

    • A few dull levels, especially at the beginning
    • Tactically simple
  3. You should try the High Treason demo - it is rock solid. The AI has improved so much, compared to the first act of war.