For the sake of the reputation of the London Regiment..

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Sep 30, 2005.

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  1. .. Is there any chance that the rather tedious flow of abuse can stop?

    The Bn has put two companies to Iraq in the last year (and no, I did not go ) and to me that should make us stand out from out peers in the TA.

    Instead, anyone reading the TA forums on ARRSE will gain the impression that we are a bunch of infighting, childish yappers. Lets accentuate the positive side of our mixed heritage and move on?

    If you are considering a reply that starts "I'll stop when...." then this applies to YOU. We hae a new CO who I KNOW browses here ( evening, Sir ) and the RSM is not exactly IT challenged and the impression these two luminaries would gain from recent comment is just abysmal.

    Good night.

  2. Here here old boy!
  3. If the blokes think it's sh1t, they are going to say it's sh1t. Nothing you can do about that.

    However, what you can encourage is for people who do think it's sh1t to say why it is and what practical measures can done to improve things. Any idiot can say "It's sh1t" and other idiots can give totally impractcal or imposible ways of improving things like, more pay, no phizz, let's just get pissed ect.

    The clever ones. That is the ones that are going to get on in the Regt will say something like "It's sh1t because.... but we could improve it by... (add reasonable suggestion here)".

    The secret is to get it across to them that silly suggestions or no suggestions at all will just make them look like winging useless ******* who aren't going to get on at all. There, that should get the message across.
  4. Moderator, apologies to you.

    For Fc*king fc*k's sake. Any one who fancies joing the TA as a bayonet technician could be forgiven for thinking three things.

    1. There is only one Infantry Regiment, it is called the Londons
    2. The Londons is composed of one cap badge, that think it's still 1803
    3. Why would I join Infantry , because it's obviously toss, I read all the Londons' threads on Arrse.

    The moderator , who is a mild mannered patient individual, has already warned he's at the end of his tether. I can't believe this bullsh*t is still going on. I also can't believe there are so called "Leaders of men" in the thick of it. It sets a poor example, and frankly makes you , and eventually the rest of us, a laughing stock.

    It needs to stop right now, and tonight. I'm not speaking as a Moderator, there is a perfectly good and experienced one here , who does not make idle threats. I am speaking as a TA soldier, who is frankly embarrassed by all this bloody dirty laundry getting aired.

    If I was the Crisp man ,(And you know how much he lurrrrves TA infantry, SDR ring a bell?) I'd be looking to give the Londons brown envelopes, as you're demonstrating very publicly , that unit cohesion has gone to a bag of bollox. It may not have, and you may be running a happy ship in Cockneyville , but that is NOT the impression you are giving.

    It's the TA , everyone else out there is trying to f**k us over, and you're passing the ammunition and praising the Lord too.
  5. Thanks to all who have checked fire.

  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Quiet, ain't it?

    About time too.