For the old and the bold, Chieftain in Germany in the 80s

Discussion in 'RAC' started by YoungDai, Dec 31, 2008.

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  1. Thanks, nice vids there. :)
  2. Happy days, thanks for that
  3. Last night I resolved to give up watching porn in 2009, but this vid blew that out of the water. I could almost smell the burnt 220 and even caught some hatch rash off my monitor.
  4. happy happy days (driver 31)
  5. :D Forgot about this for a bit but even the first 30 secs when he brings that genny online ---- :) Get the BV on !!
  6. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I'm not sure if I should ask this as a seperate question in the History forum, but how do you honestly think Chieftain would have stacked up against the Soviet opposition if things had kicked off in Europe? (I'm thinking against T-54, T-72 and T-80, as they would have been the main opponents during the Chieftains service life - although obviously I stand to be corrected by you lot.)
  7. I'll start but, no doubt won't be the one to finish..........if it ever does.
    Chieftain....................built on the reputation of Centurion albeit at the time it was pretty good 'cutting edge' technology when compared to it's NATO counterparts. It's only downfall in the early days was it's belaboured engine which, let's face it was never the most reliable engine built, from British Leyland left overs. Even when the engine was uprated and modified.......................again..... it was forever to be an Achilles heel in an otherwise superior tank. The fire control system could guide a 120mm projectile into a gnat's left testicle at around 3000 metres no problem.
    For all the slagging off it got later in life against the new technology M1 and Leo 2 it wasn't actually a bad old bus!!!! As an ex Cmdr, I always felt very safe in Chieftain, what it lost in mobility, was more than amply compensated for in Firepower and protection.
    But, let's not look at The Tank................look at the crews, Britain has always had the best Tank crews in the world. It's the crew that makes the Tank what it is..........................we always managed to keep Chieftain on the road..............America - "ooops a godamn fan belt's come loose........ring the fitters". Germany too......................."achtung..........ruefen die mechaniker an!!"
    Somehow, good old Chiefy..............kept on going way past it's shelf life.
    Russia.................hmmmmn................the crewmen were conscripts recruited onto tanks if they were 5' 3" or they'd fit in their tanks, told us they spent most of the time in Afghanistan...........drinking the anti freeze out of their engines to get their livers to filter the alcohol out of it?!?!?!?!?!
    I'm currently on chapter 6 of the sequel to my Armoured Farmers book where, we in 3RTR, actually went to war against those 'commie pinko subversives' in our Chieftains. So, you'll see how I think Chieftain would have stood upto the red threat.............not badly as it happens and with afew laughs.
  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    By the 1980s, T54s were gone from the soviet OrBat and I would have been surprised if there were any lined up on their side of the IGB by then.

    T62 had been replaced in the Soviet tank regiments by T64 by then, being cascaded down to the tank battalions of the infantry etc regiments.

    T72 was not planned to appear on the soviet OrBat, being intended for export. (T72 and T64 were remarkably similar and probably functionally identical.) It would have been quite likely to meet T72s coming from other WarPac units crossing the IGB but initially, not 3 Shock Army which faced most if not all of BAOR (I stand to be corrected on that).

    However, after 1979 when Brezhnev sent his boys into the sandpit and got a bloody nose, they did not use European Theatre of Operations hardware, it is usual to associate the Commies with T72 as their common MBT rather than the T64s sitting the other side of the halfway line from us.

    T80's coming into service was after my time so I couldn't put an accurate date on it.
  9. Dirty smelly 'orrible things crewed by perverts and alcoholics :wink:
  10. Ah the smells of hot OEP220, mud and a compo curry mingling with the evening scents of Soltau pine and a freshly opened bottle of herfy....bliss.


  11. IMHO, it would have done OK where it could use it's reach, unfortunately there were not many places that was likely to happen, unless they put a thrust through the Einbeck bowl.
    The biggest (not well advertised)problem was that in no way was the frontal armour up to dealing with 125mm Fin.

    Hence the belated Stillbrew up-armouring based in part ISTR on the discovery, by a British diplomat/attache, whatever, of some Iranian Cheiftains with some unsightly ventilation in the mantlet.

    One could discuss various scenarios all day, luckily the thought of A3B, Elovabloke, myself and many other smelly old gits was sufficient to stop 8 Guards Army.
    This was fortunate when one considers the sheer quantity of the opposition;
  12. Fcuk off! I was not an alcoholic.
  13. [
    Hence the belated Stillbrew up-armouring based in part ISTR on the discovery, by a British diplomat/attache, whatever, of some Iranian Cheiftains with some unsightly ventilation in the mantlet.


    A picture of that penetration is in my Chieftain book :(