For the Love Of The Army..Not Brown!!!


War Hero
Ok, Tony Bliar will leave number 10 in the summer. But I find the prospect of Brown in office worrying...well if in the Armed Forces.

Mr Brown already stated that if in power, he will e cut down the Armed Forces, to meet budgets and costs. At the moment, only 2 % of the UK economy is spent on the forces...ok I know alot has to be spent on NHS, Public sector, Eduaction..but for the love of God, surely the UK defence must be a concern to the politicians??

Clearly not, i shall worry if Gordon gets in at no 10, may put me off re-joining again. A point to note, does anyone know what his views are on Iraq??, he seems to have been a grey man on the subject.

Then again, hes the Chancellor in charge of spending..guys went to war without correct clothing. I spent 50% of Op Telic 1 in green kit.

I rest my case. But if he gets in, will he be good for the servicemen??


The forces will always be shafted by a Labour goverment, look were these people have come from, most were in CND, lefty loony councils or Goverment Quangos for helping the "socialy disadvantaged" they dont like people in the forces, they are the exact opposite of someone who would join the forces. I would even go as far as saying they consider the military a threat because in general the forces are held in much higher regard than themselves by the man in the street. (educated man in the street). not the chav scum you tend to get a lot of these days.
Personally, and as an ex-serviceman, I have no problems with the goverment reducing spending on the Armed Forces, especially if it will go towards other areas.

What I do have a problem with is the goverment reducing the amount of money that they give the Armed Forces but then expecting them to do more with it, or do these things without adequate equipment.


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