For the love (life!) of your fellow man...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DozyBint, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. Being a right thinking and decent ARRSEr, Scaryspice decided that this thread would pollute the Shakespearean-sonnet ideals of the Lonely Hearts forum, but I feel that she has deprived you ARRSE Adonii of the chance to draw up a veritable map of punani procurement zones. Whether these damsels of delight are yours on a pay-by-the-hour deal (pay-by-the-minute? :? :D ) or for half a cider and a bag of chips, I think that you should do your duty and assist jimnicebutdim, the_guru and watto135 to get laid!

    So chaps, get your thinking caps on and provide them with the names of towns of totty, dens of delight and even personal recommendations of ladies of loose morals (and knickers!)
  2. i´m ready whenever you are...
  3. Meat Markets.

    Central London:

    Inferno's, Clapham

    Shoeless Joe's (not sure where, never been sober)

    The really dodgy pub opposite Stockwell tube (if you can't get any here...)

    The Underworld, Camden town (of a Friday night), but check ID unless you fancy being in the Sex Offenders register.

    If you get a dose off chicks from these places, it's not my fault.
  4. Central London

    Tiger Tiger
    Sports Cafe (American exchange students)
    Clapham Grand
    Crazy Larry's
    Pitcher & Piano or Abacus in the City

    Just a few ideas!!
  5. Shoeless Joe's, if it's the place I think it is, is on Embankment, between Embankment and Temple stations.

  6. Why was my name mentioned?
  7. Digress - Moorgate
    Cozy's - The City
  8. Thursday nights, Chatham stomp, don't know of any Sappers who haven't been pulled there........unless of course you know different?

  9. Tis the place, but became a Walkabout a while back :cry:
  10. They do nice Cocktails though
  11. The ARRSE Chat room (apparently)

    Anyone got a shovel?, mine just broke due to excessive digging ?
  12. I can highly recommend that establishment, however, the 'window licker' with the RMAS Boxing team t-shirt (seen in there two weeks ago) indicates that they have lowered their standards and now let everyone in?!??!?

    Plenty of fat/thin munters to choose from, just hang around drinking until 0230hrs on fri/sat and then move on to the dance floor, it is like a turkey not on any account go home with girls who live on the estate behind the pub. On the basis that are rough, ugly, smell of piss and lock you in their flats whilst you listen to their daughter getting banged by some guy in the other room. Frankly quiet distrubing, a tactical retreat was required once I had found the front door key?????
  13. and WTF is wrong with that. I hope you took the opportunity to shake one out whilst listening to the free show! :p
  14. And another thing, all of the places mentioned are in central London. What about the rest of the civilised world (UK), or even further afield like Germany or other foreign places?? And how do you organise an ARRSE crawl? I'm on a course in March, and I'm looking forward to going out on the urine, as the long haired general does not allow it. Only prob is that the course is in Latina. :cry: I'm going to try to get a UK course this year, and then I'll see if it coincides with an ARRSE crawl, so long as the crawl isn't in central fecking London. I'm still in the mob & I cannot afford to drink at those prices! :cry:

    Sympathy shag, anyone? :twisted:
  15. I am proud to say I did the mother on the sofa in the living room :twisted:

    Alternative non-london place.... The Crown in Ludgershall arrhhh Drummond Barracks :roll: