for the EDL apologists

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Proper_Gander, May 5, 2010.

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  1. the BNP and the Neo-Nazies

    i can already hear the accusations of being a "UAF thug" a marxist and neo-leftie-green-treehugging-stoned-hippy-student-curnt.

    before you do, i'm not.

    still, i await incoming from the usual suspects. :)
  2. Well I'll be first, apart from a munter joining a facebook group and attending one demonstration what has the link got to do with the EDL?
  3. I await your next shocking post with baited breath... 8O

    Bears Sh1t In Woods!

    Politicians Lie and Cheat on Their Expenses!

    Catholic Church Protects Peadophile Priests!

    Oy gevalt... :roll:
  4. I posted a picture last time of a black bloke holding up an EDL banner, all black blokes are nazis then :roll:
  5. How original - a little article from a Liverpool antifascist magazine. So this objectively and unbiasedly proves what?

    I am not a BNP supporter - but you will no doubt believe otherwise.

    You arn't a raving lefty hand wringing socialist, by chance?
  6. well done you!

    i've only seen images of skinheads with EDL Banners myself.
  7. As I say on with the denial, can you see the BNP logo on the EDL facebook account? Yes/no

    EDL=BNP=NF, not difficult is it?
  8. Oh look, a quote from Proper_Ganders link

  9. hah! what a post, ticked all the boxes there.

    quite a bit of photographic evidence of the BNP's chums.
    was only meant as a heads up really.
  10. Yeah but, no but, yeah but, no but. :D
  11. Quite possibly but still fuck all to the EDL.
  12. but mate, it's all bawllawcks as is lefty article no? :)

    Another one off the 'we're not Nazis' EDL website - your thoughts Stacker?

    Now why would they put that if they weren't attracting racist thugs?

    I'd hate to be moding their forum too, with the amount they seem to be gathering