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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Goatman, Oct 18, 2004.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    .....especially any American readers that have heard of the British newspaper The Guardian's attempt to get involved in the Bush Vs Kerry thang in Clark County Ohio:

    check out the thread in << Current Affairs>>

    ( for the uninitiated this paper is known as The Grauniad because of the number of Speeling Ewobs and Typographic Prolbems it had in the good old era of type-setting by hand. :wink: )
  2. Oh I've already had my go with that rag. Anyway, I'm from Ohio...anyone unlucky enough to get me as a pen pal? Miss Shelly Duncan? :D
  3. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Hmmm.....IIRC the other tally in which you rejoice was
    << red-fanged Republican fascista, slightly to the right of Genghis Khan >> ?

    - so I guess the good ole Texan boy gets your vote huh ?

    Incidentally, you being a born Buckeye, I'd be interested to know whether Mike Ferner's piece below was also featured in the Toldeo Times(?) originally ?


    “To the Swift Boats — (Or Anything Else That Will Keep Us Occupied Until November 2)”By Mike Ferner
    from The New Hampshire Gazette Vol 248, No 24, August 27, 2004

    Months ago when it looked like JFK-lite was going to get the Democrats’ nomination, some prescient pundit somewhere commented about Kerry’s combat medals, predicting the campaign would consist largely of arguments for and against‚ the veracity of his stories, the severity of his wounds, the claims and counter-claims of people “back in the day.”

    Call me naïve, but I thought that was pretty darn skeptical. OK, I’m naïve — and wrong.

    It’s not that I’m uninterested in the Vietnam war, or unimpressed with combat ribbons and Purple Hearts. I spent three years as a hospital corpsman during that war, taking care of hundreds of young men returning in pieces from Vietnam and Cambodia. And they were supposedly the lucky ones who survived.

    That’s why, despite my disinterest in John Kerry’s candidacy, I was at least glad to see that the general election campaign might well include an airing of many things Vietnam that are particularly relevant today.

    For example, were we veterans of that war really “defending freedom” and “helping the Vietnamese build a democracy?” Were we even (gasp) “serving our country?”

    Or, as many of us raised on John Wayne movies in the 50s and 60s have come to find out the hard way, were we the young foot soldiers of empire, idealistic (some), unlucky (most) commoners sent off to fight another rich old man’s war, that — believe it or not, Ma! — turns out to have been based on a thick web of lies?

    Now that would make for some rip-snorting campaign debates. It would have some relevance to what’s going on today. It might also help us finally face some of the lies and some of the truths about Vietnam; help us repair some of the damage done to our society’s soul. You don’t send 2.9 million youngsters to a place like Vietnam, have them participate in killing over two million Vietnamese and lay waste to the land for generations without something strange happening to our national psyche.

    What a novel idea! That a campaign in 2004, by including even a modest attempt at dealing with the truth from 35 years ago, might be both riveting and beneficial.

    But instead, we have the “Battle of the Swift Boats.”

    It is, to be sure, a grand way to keep from addressing anything relevant (like today’s war on which, coincidentally, both candidates agree) until … oh, mid-September or so. Then the “527” ads will delve into other weighty matters like, “Has the Heinz Foundation stopped funding blood-sucking monkeys to do evil things to little kiddies … ?” Or, “Why DID John Edwards see that psychiatrist in 1991 … ?” Then for the Democrats, will tell us to something crucial to the survival of Western Society, such as “The lost files from Bush’s Cocaine Anonymous classes: Where was he during those two meetings in September 1974?”

    Any one of these will keep things going until mid-October. Then of course, there will be nothing left of a 2-year long campaign except the “Sprint to the Finish” and hourly poll numbers, culminating with the “Three Day Campaigning Marathon” wherein both candidates get hoarse repeating stump speeches and we watch, fascinated, to see if one of them collapses, proof positive he doesn’t really have “the right stuff,” thereby making up the minds of all seven undecided voters in Ohio and determining the election.

    Now … I challenge anyone to dispute that this is a brilliant election campaign process. First, it was created by the Free Market — two years of TV ads are certainly better for the economy than two months — and secondly, it automatically selects for us the one candidate who, by being able to withstand the rigors of an extended campaign, can then withstand the rigors of the office.

    Case closed. Whatacountry. ---

    © 2004 Mike Ferner

    Mike Ferner is a freelance writer in Toledo, Ohio, who is not placing his hopes for America on the outcome of the 2004 presidential race.


    << A bas les politicos - aux armes! >>

    Lee Shaver
  4. Interesting editorial, Goatman. Look, I can produce editorials too!


    Democratic Spin on the Swift Boat Veterans
    Written by Frank Salvato
    Tuesday, August 24, 2004
    With the grievance filed by the Kerry campaign to the Federal Election Commission over the ''Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth'' (SBVT) controversy--a controversy brought on most certainly by Kerry himself--the American public is afforded a firsthand look at the childish one-way street that the Kerry campaign and the Democratic Party travel today. As they shriek collusion while pointing fingers at SBVT and the Bush campaign for being in bed together,, America Coming Together, and The Media Fund move ever forward in their liberally financed mission to unseat President Bush, an illegal activity as defined by the U.S. tax codes.
    It matters not whether you believe John Kerry was the war hero he contends himself to be. It matters not whether the ever-increasing number of eyewitnesses to Kerry’s actions in Vietnam--or non-actions as some contend--are correct. What matters is whether the Bush campaign has colluded, or has aided the SBVT--a 527 group--in the group's efforts.
    To date it would be impossible to count the number of times the Bush campaign people have officially stated that they condemn all 527 activity. They have gone on record time and again saying they want all 527 groups to halt their assaults on all candidates. This, for the liberal readers among you all, is a statement of condemnation that so far has not reciprocally emanated from the Kerry camp. The Bush campaign leaders have stated repeatedly that they want the debate to be between the two campaigns, the two candidates. They have further stated that the debate should be centered on the issues alone.
    President Bush, speaking from his ranch in Crawford, Texas this past Monday, again condemned the actions of all 527 groups and called for them to stop their ad campaigns. He didn’t call on one group to cease its campaign he called on all groups to cease their campaigns. A more equitable and all encompassing request could not have been issued.
    Now let me bring you into the spin room of the liberal mind. Come on, I know it can be scary for those of us who embrace plain speaking logic. I know that at times what is brought forth from the liberal spin room may appear to be childish and almost infantile--such as we are experiencing right now--but it is something of a wonder to see.
    It would seem that because the president didn’t mention the SBVT by name the Kerry spin machine is refusing to acknowledge that President Bush condemned anything at all. Stunning! The fact that he didn’t mention the SBVT specifically sent the Kerry campaign people running away screaming with their fingers in their ears. Numerous spokespersons have taken to the airwaves to vehemently defend their position that President Bush didn’t condemn the ads put forth by the SBVT. They simply won’t accept the condemnation that was most certainly issued. Nah, nah, nah!
    One question; why would the Kerry campaign and the DNC so blatantly stick their heads in the sand, especially in the face of such an obvious statement of condemnation by the president. The answer is primarily twofold.
    First, if the Kerry campaigners would accept the fact that President Bush has issued statements of condemnation with regard to all 527 groups then they would have to condemn their own liberally financed attack dog groups. If they acknowledged President Bush’s appeal for the 527s to cease their activity the Kerry campaign would have to ask the same and condemn the Kerry backed, America Coming Together, and The Media Fund, all 527 groups and all squarely in John Kerry’s campaign corner.
    Second, by hyping the twisted delusion that no condemnation has been issued by the Bush campaign the Kerry spin doctors can continue its negative media campaign agenda, an agenda that was well defined and initiated during the Democratic primaries. They pursue this agenda in hopes of monopolizing the media's attention with negativity rather than allowing the spotlight to shine on what President Bush has accomplished in his first four years in office and what Senator Kerry hasn’t accomplished in his 20 years in the U.S. Senate.
    While the Kerry campaign and the DNC McAulinistas would love for the people to feed from their trough of negativity through November 2, perhaps it is time that we call ''pretend heroes'' just that. Perhaps it is time to highlight the indisputable fact that John Kerry spouted hate for his country and those he served with upon his return to our country and move on to a discussion of all of the good that President Bush has accomplished since taking office.
    Perhaps it is time to stop playing the liberally financed game of ''I know you are but what am I.'' Their game is getting very old and tired and quite frankly, it is childish.
    About the Writer: Frank Salvato is a political media consultant and managing editor of the website, TheRant, at Frank receives e-mail at


    I’m not from Toledo so can’t answer your question. Nor would I consider anything published in Toledo to be an unbiased opinion as the majority of northern Ohioians (particulary Toledoians) lean further left then southern Ohio leans right…should make for interesting results come November 2.

    Aren’t all facistas voting for Dubya? :twisted: :D

    Why exactly is it so important for you Brits that Kerry win this election anyway? :?

    I'd like to see Blair get re-elected (because he's probably our only ally in the UK), but it's your country, you hate him and I respect that.
  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

  6. a 527 group... sounds like a poor position and hold to me.

    Back to the Marksmanship principles...
  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Naw- typical 3 round burst from an M-16 !
  8. Yeah, they're purely agenda-driven. :roll: Bush and other conservatives tried to have them castrated long before this election. Funny how one of the ended up working to his advantage, even though he denounced it's ads. Kerry has yet to denounce any 527...being the slime bag that he is. :D
  9. :oops: Believe it or not, I took my time on this one. 8O

    But hey I'm a Yank...we like to shoot from the hip.

    Seriously, thanks for the kind words. I was expecting venom. 8)
  10. Maybe that's what makes us "Brits" so nice :roll: we will respect your opinion even if it is different to ours, what we dont respect is the knee jerk reactionism that comes so often from your side of the pond. Talk crap and we'll treat you like crap talk sensibly and you will get a (more or less) sensible answer even if it isn't in agreement with your ideas.
    BTW my vote for Bush or Kerry

    - neither of the above, IMO they're both feckwits.
  11. The problem that I have with Kerry stems from his political activities after he came back from Vietnam. He gave aid and comfort to the enemy, along with Jane Fonda. He has a long record in the Senate of being against defense spending. He didnt even vote for the Gulf War resolution to get Saddam out of Kuwait. He is the last guy I would want as commander in chief.
  12. Clark County, Ohio election results for you, G-man. :wink:

    If you can stop talking to yourself for a minute. :p

    100% of precincts reporting
    Bush - 34,444 51%
    Kerry - 32,824 49%
    Badnarik - 183 0%
    Peroutka - 144 0%

    I have no idea who those last two candidates are...never even heard their names mentioned.

    As you can see it was a tight race. It's my opinion that The Guardian secured this for Bush. :wink:

    I'm just glad its finally over. It was a b*tch living in a swing state.
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    as a number of the 18,000 folk in DC around me were saying last week:

    << Hooyah!>>

    Much chuckles here that the Guardian's campaign backfired and the good folk of Ohio (cussed and ornery folk after our own heart) flipped the metaphorical digit toward those who had the audacity to tell them how to vote.

    on a slightly more sombre note plse check this out

    The charity I ran Washington Marathon for ( have had 52 new cases referred to them since Jan 03.....our thoughts are with all the Coalition people on the ground.

    Maybe there'll be the occasional Union Jack visible on your side come Veterans Day.......
  14. Thoughts and prayers sent. We lost a couple of Marines today as well. :cry: