For the Aussies.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by goatrutar, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. For those who watched the State of Origin.


    8 years....
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  2. I became an Australian this week, well Dual Nationality, I can't lose in the Ashes.

    But being from south aus, I don't understand the game with the odd shaped 'ball'.
  3. Are they a dance troupe?
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  4. So, they have been straight for 7 years? What were they prior to that?
  5. Congratulations Rawhide.
  6. You're going to get nacked tomorrow.
  7. Is that League or Union?

    I am also fluent in cricket, the off side rule (not a law!!!!) and shite. Ask me any question you want.
  8. Where do guide dogs shit and who picks it up?

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  9. Where they want, and blind people have an exceptionly aural and nasal perceptive. They're not fucking daft,

    Of course they pick it up, you mong.
  10. You seem to know a lot about getting picked up by blind people.

    Which suggests to me that their 'nasal perceptive' ain't all that.

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  11. It's the 13 man abomination. I'm looking at that photo and can see a possible two with a finger up their arses.
  12. I bury the used ones under the patio after smashing their heads in with a 1970s typewriter and a pick helve. I also then get a sweetcorn fork thingy and pluck their eyes out and fry them. It's nice to chop them up and put them in the Actifry - bit of egg wash and flour - gleaming. It's like chcken.

    Do you want to pop over tomorrow? I fancy a liver and kidney pie.

    Is there another excuse for them being blind?
  13. Riverdance has certainly gone downhill

    Sent in a harsh font, using finger paints
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  14. They will turn into a boxing team, these State Of Origin games usually turn into a bit of a tear up. Apparently there's also a bit of Rugby League as well.


    Oh, North wins.