For the AFV and Armour anoraks.....

Perhaps it got there as part of the German effort in Iraq in 1941?

The name suggests that it was/is a converted French chassis impressed into German service (the Germans were rather good at making use of French kit), which in turn suggests that it might (stress might) have been used by the Vichy French in Syria - from where supplies for the rising originated.

I've no idea exactly what kit was sent to aid the Iraqis (they appear to have been keen to get air support ahead of everything else), but this would seem to be just the sort of thing that might be despatched from Syria.

Doubtless someone somewhere, once in possession of the chassis number, will be able to give us an account of every mile the thing travelled...
Didn't the German intervention start going up shitcreek when the Iraqis shot down a plane carrying the son of Field Marshal Werner von Blomberg?
The german intervention in Iraq was extremely shortlived. Mainly because they used the French as a proxy.

Having said that I think it is unlikely that they supplied any such hardware to Vichy Syria. It seems more likely that the postwar iraqi army was equipped with equipment bought from the Egyptians (captured from the Afrika Corps). Or potentially from the Russians.

Very amusing account of the brief war in Iraq in the excellent book by John Masters about being a Gurkha Officer (later commanded Brigade of Chindits), entitled The Road Past Mandalay. If you are going to read it though go for Bugles and A Tiger first, as this is his biography of Sandhurst and prewar Indian Army.

Seem to remember story from the book where they are being constantly bombed by Vichy French bombers (the latest models from the US shipped to France just in time to surrender). Finally from the direction of Baghdad appear two RAF Hurricaines raising a huge cheer from the lads, spirits dampened slightly however as the French manage to shoot down both Hurricaines without breaking formation.

Crabs never change eh? :roll:

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