For the 16 Sigs HeadShed...TELIC medals overdue

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Bravo_Bravo, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. If I've been fed duff info forgive me, but I've heard mutterings that the TA guys that provided Force Protection to you at Basra ( the Infantry blokes? ) have not received their TELIC medals because you have not bothered to put in the forms required.

    You have done this for your own blokes, why not the TA guys who put their own lives on hold for 9 months to look after you?

    Bad Form, gentlemen, Bad Form.

    Asumming its true.....

    Over to you.
  2. Come on lads, there are still people I know waiting for their medals who did TELIC 1!

    Wait your turn - Last month I got my FINGAL medal nearly 4 years on!

    I expect my TELIC medal after I get out!
  3. I am currently serving with 16 Sig Regt and none of the medals for Telic 3 have come in yet.
  4. Took me 2 years almost to the week to get my Telic 1 medal. So how long have 16 Sigs FP been waiting? Is it indeed due to the man mentioned not getting his admin done? (would have thought it would be the AO, but I'm clueless). Have they really been waiting any longer than many others?

    I could have asked if theis was another Sigs winge thread, but at least they are winging on somebody elses behalf, which is nice. :D
  5. Medal applications need to be done by the TA soldier's own unit. So 16SR not to blame,.......this time!
  6. Can someone confirm? Only asking because I don't know the answer.

    And the responsibility for medal applications for mobilised regular reservists? RTMC presumably?
  7. Have any of the TA blokes confirmed that the forms have not been submitted or are they just waiting for the medals?

    If the forms haven't been sent, their TA unit should be able to submit them.

    I know my forms have been submitted and my Telic 1 medal still hasn't found it's way on to my chest as yet. Although it is on my Unicom.

  8. The blokes where attactched to 16 Sigs.. on their ORBAT.. should it not be done by 16 Sigs? The blokes worked with them, not the London Regiment..
  9. Yes, I was a bit surprised by the statement that it is a responsibility of the TA unit, although I do not know the answer. For one thing the TA unit wouldnt have the soldier's exact dates in theatre?
  10. and I suppsed you could have added, are the TA soldiers aware of the process of awarding medals?

    Even thou it wasn't 16 SR duty to put in the necessary paperwork, it would have been easier for them to do it (or the admin staff of the attached coy)
  11. Im not Sigs, but, I was on Telic 4, no gong yet, theres a bird just been in to collect her gong from Telic 5!! wheres the justice? and Im still waiting for my Sierra Leone OSM.
  12. The Force Protection coy was told not to bother applying - it would all be handled by Vending Fags (16 Cigs). It then wasn't and the applications have only just gone in.

    [sarcasm]I was shocked. I expected nothing but the best treatment from 16 Flids [/sarcasm]
  13. 16 'Flids' are about as much use as a 4-skin at a Bar Mitzvah

    (text speak in use to evade the 'rude word' ban)
  14. Same here, not even sure if 215 bothered putting my name forward, the Clerk at Blandford did tell me in March that he'd sort it, he hadn't even heard of me when I went in the other day :roll:
  15. gingwar, thats been the best Rsigs whinge for a while :D