For some reason this makes me larf

The Owl must have been pissed as fart and on his way back from a Sgt's Mess do.

(I think that makes sense but I haven't had my morning medication yet)
Too-Whit-Too- Ooh Fuck!!
Call me a cruel cunt
You cruel cunt! =-D

I remember we had the same with a Magpie not long ago. Heard the thud and thought someone was trying to smash the window. Had a look as I walked into the room and there was an imprint and laying dazed under the window was the poor bastard.
Call me a cruel cunt, but I find this quite amusing.

Linky thing

An owl, left its mark after crashing into a window.

Not often the surprised owl look is captured.
Yeah, your right! It's a fucking hoot!

Window crashing is the new extreme sport amongst cool birds by the way! It seems that they even chalk themselves up to get a good impact imprint....


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