For services to self-advancement, an MBE from the Queen – an

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumrunner, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. For services to self-advancement, an MBE from the Queen – and disgrace

    By Alan Hamilton

    It really shows how easy it is for walts to gain official recognition for fook all. Great that he was caught out,,2-2334133,00.html
  2. Its incredible that he got it in the first place, or indeed had a job with the police and a commission with the ACF. He is clearly a pathological liar and a kleptomaniac.
  3. He has been caught, but given the simplicity of his deception, how many others have slipped through the net? Those whom have been made Member of the Order of the British Empire must be feeling well hacked off, they may be held in the same light.
  4. Outstanding, but what it fails to mentinm is those who are awarded gongs on the back of others.
  5. MBE - my bloody effort

    OBE - Other bugger's efforts
  6. Just goes to show you that the correct checks are not in place. Wouldnt happen in the case of a military nomination.

    The individual in question should be made to apologise, in person, to Her Majesty and pay a suitable fine to a suitable charity.
  7. So he had a crack at deception twice whilst in the A.T.C, how did he get away with it the first time.
    What a Chav.
  8. Why would HMTQ wish to meet this scrote again?

    Rest assured, it looks as though he's going to nick for some time given his record of theft and fraud.
  9. HMTQ to present "a Good shoeing," to deceptionist ! preferably by a rather large Guardsman who has been on stag all night and has a toothache.
    I bet your sorry now chum.
  10. I rememebr a certain individual who got a GOC commendation for services in Bosnia, thing was his CO, OC, WO2, pet dog etc were all suprised and had no idea who wrote it up and sent it in, it has long been thought he did it himself
  11. Very true. I know several MBE holders who truly have earned their honours. People will see them wearing their medal, and instead of looking on with quiet admiration they'll probably be wondering how they managed to bluff their way to a free trip to the palace.
  12. The article in the Times lists others who have been stripped of honours following scandal.

    Does Jeffery Archer (a convicted criminal) still have a peerage?
  13. It gets worse as you read it doesn't it?

    Totally disgusting that he held a commission in the ATC - not saying he would have harmed kids or anything but a very unsavoury character nonetheless. Just what is the criteria for a commission in the cadet forces?
  14. service in 49 para
  15. Then there was the bit about buying candles for the police when he was their QM... He then nicked the candles (presumably more than 4... :wink: ) and sold them to his local parish church for their Xmas services! :eek:

    WTF did the cops want the candles for in the first place??? :roll: