For Securtity in Iraq, A turn to British Know-How

Very interesting article. This caught my eye,

Concerns have centered largely on the British firm Aegis Defence Services, a front-runner for the new contract, which is to provide intelligence services to the U.S. Army
Are there any US firms of note doing the job now?
If the congression report on Intel is to belived there are plenty of firms providing Intel services to US Government.

As for ArmourCorps, was it not just brought by BAE.

In the end this is just old fashioned protectionism...perhap the Rep Kaptur would consider sending another 100,000 serviceman to IZ to replace all the contractors.....or maybe not!
Anybody remember the good old days after "mission accomplished" when Bush -- heady with victory--declared that no contract offers from 'freedom hating countries' like France would be considered?

Boy, those were the days.

(CBS/AP) President Bush, under fire from allies, defended an administration policy that excludes countries that opposed the war in Iraq from sharing in contracts for Iraq's reconstruction.

Mr. Bush said Thursday that countries that sent troops to Iraq were entitled to take part in the $18 billion in American-financed reconstruction projects while other nations are shut out.
From that post article:
The result: Policymakers in Washington have begun to question why the military, using U.S. taxpayers' money, has been delegating the task of protecting the lives of American commanders, troops and civilians in Iraq in large part to other nations' private companies.
What they more ought to question are why American commanders in the American military in need of private contractors to protect them.
They don't need them, they are in the military.

These private companies are becoming like tape worms inveigling themselves into the public armed forces and sucking the life blood out of them. It shouldn't be allowed.
That armoured vehicle looked like it had been designed by a committee!
Why the hell is the US Army Corps of Engineers being protected by PMC's? Can we draw a conclusion that the US are in overstretch?
Fron what I have seen they do a good job, but the Yanks did make me laugh- goatee's, pony tails and adorned with a collection of knives that John J Rambo would have been proud of. Not to mention their low profile on the road!

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