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Sammy The Cat wrote:
I have read all the comments, and have several friends that are immigrants and friends that are of various faiths.

armourer wrote:
So what.

Those "friends" if they are muslim will see you as an unbeliever and lower than a piece of dog sh*t, not that they will have the balls to say that to your face.

I live in a democracy, unlike most muslims, and I choose (because I can in a democracy) not to like the Islamic faith and I also choose not to like those tossers that make excuses for them.

So f*ck you

DoorBundle wrote:
One of the best posts I've read on here.

Sammy The Cat wrote:
Thank you both for your mature and considered responses.

I now realise the error in my judgement.

Congratulations I am now converted.
So, Sammy the Cat, you do sarcasm...Now f*ck off and die
Sadly Sammy The Cat has indicated that the NAFFI is beneath someone as intelligent and intellectual as himself :roll:

we are begining to get a little bit emotive on this subject and on some peoples comments. I for one have commented about how I have felt but we need at times to stand back from the keyboards and take a deep breath.

We run the great risk of having intervention from the MODs if we continue in this way.

Lets try to be less personal-eh? :wink:
F**ck off you c**t! This is the f**king NAAFI and we can all say what we f**cking well like you tw*t! :D
Does that mean I get to push poo?
Only if you promise to use all your fingers and substitute the KY for a handful of sand :D
DoorBundle said:
Only if you promise to use all your fingers and substitute the KY for a handful of sand :D
Christ its like being back in Shaibah :roll:

OK, but as long as you wear a grey beret and put on 12 stone in weight
Grey Mafia! Memories....................................ahhhhhhh
OK I now realise that I was wrong to say to Sammy The Cat f*ck off and as I feel remorse....Sammy The Cat....... f*ck off and die slowly

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