Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by drilller, Aug 8, 2005.

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  1. I have come across a bivi bag that I no longer require and I was wondering if any one would like to buy it from me?

    I have also become an owner of a C.O.P. vest so I no longer require my chest-rig, once again would any one want to buy it.
    Padded sholder starps
    4 double mag pouches
    2 util pouches
    1 map pouch of a BIG size
    it also has adjustable sholder and waste straps and has poppers on the left sholder for a coms pouch.

    (all offers well come I would swop for another item of kit)

  2. Interested in the chest rig.

    Could you post some pictures? Or email some to me?

  3. here i a picture of the chest rig in question.

    Attached Files:

  4. How much for the soiled duvet?
  5. maybe you can swap it for a camera with a focus?
  6. The sock hanging off the drawer in the first photo looks particularly attractive!
  7. thats not for sale!!!

    just the rig.
  8. Nice photos Driller - do you do portraits?
  9. P*ss poor personal admin! "GET THAT BLOODY BED MADE, OR DO YOU EXPECT ME TO PLAY MOTHER, AND BOUNCE YOU ON MY KNEE?" :wink: mutter, mutter........
  10. Is that your spunk stained mattress you filthy brat?

    Why do you need a COP vest in the ACF?
  11. judging by the sharp clear image he's mag to gridding it because he's got f*cking parkinsons :D
  12. I need a COP Vest because it can hold more and it spreads the wieght more evenly.

    It holds more mags and water bottles and more everything.

    why do you need to come on arrse because you want to like wise i haveaCOP vest because i want one.
  13. Is it an NI rig? How much? PM me the details please.
  14. bed is unmade due to recent swamping!
  15. Is that bite marks on the pillow?