I have come across a bivi bag that I no longer require and I was wondering if any one would like to buy it from me?

I have also become an owner of a C.O.P. vest so I no longer require my chest-rig, once again would any one want to buy it.
Padded sholder starps
4 double mag pouches
2 util pouches
1 map pouch of a BIG size
it also has adjustable sholder and waste straps and has poppers on the left sholder for a coms pouch.

(all offers well come I would swop for another item of kit)

I need a COP Vest because it can hold more and it spreads the wieght more evenly.

It holds more mags and water bottles and more everything.

why do you need to come on arrse because you want to like wise i haveaCOP vest because i want one.

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