For Sale; WW1 (1918 dated) American Army 11 pouch Grenade Vest

I have for sale a 1918 dated American Army 11 pouch grenade vest.

It has the markings 'THE WARNER BROS CO MARCH 1918 and BS?' on the back.

Very good condition with some small dye marks to the front. (Should blanco out).

Similar vest is for sale with Soldier of Fortune for £75 and on ebay (USA) 180561091171. (65 Dollars).

I wish to sell mine at £50 (plus P&P if required).

I can take to Bicester if required.

I will post photographs later (once I worked out how the camera works!!).

I will be taking it to the Black Country Living History Museum this weekend. (WW1 living history/re-enactment weekend) if any ARRSER/re-enactor wishes to have a look. I be loitering in the area of the Tommies from Warkwickshire.

Please PM for more info.
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