For Sale: Wilkinson Sword CSK185 Dartmoor Knife

Roll up, roll up...

When I had money, when I lived with mater and pater, I decided to buy a Wilkinson Sword Dartmoor Knife. I now have less money, and after finding it in the garage realise I've rarely used it and am unlikely to use it again, so thought I'd sell it.

Extremely rare due to limited edition and the fact WS went bust shortly after producing them. Unable to sell on eBay because of their fascist policies, so here goes...

Good review of the knife here: An 80s Revival: Surviving with the Dartmoor Knife

- This is a knife made by Wilkinson Sword before their factory closed and was limited edition (I understand parts became available after the factory closed - it is not made from them)!
- The knife is complete with the scabbard and survival kit, and nothing has been used or is missing.
- I binned the box years ago, but still have the instruction/warranty booklet
- Its the dogs dingers version with a "bead blasted satin” blade
- Blade has had minor use and needs sharpening. Saw has had zero use and is fecking sharp!

Sensible offers please....
Still for sale. I've replied to your PM.
Since web prices range from 250-430, I can see why you want to cash it in. However these are not the rich americans you are looking for on this site!
So, I'm back from tour, and still have this knife to sell!!!

Anyone interested???
Come on!

Its a thing of beauty!
Sold for £25! Scavenger knock a fiver off for the postage. Get it in the post to V_M and let him know where you want the £20 to be sent.
$2.76, and a D-shaped pasty, and if I don't get it I'll kill a puppy.

Is that what you want? A dead puppy?

You puppy killing bastard.

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