For Sale: Warrior RICAS with soft armour

im selling a warrior RICAS plate carrier with soft armour. The plate carrier has had minimal apart from the pouches. The soft armour is still new and in great condition. below is a lost of the armour properties.

The secret with the armour material is impregnated with a special resin unique to this material. This has several beneficial affects on the performance of the armour:

Not affected by moisture (waterproof)
Makes the armour stab resistant
Increases the ballistic performance of the armour
Increases the fragmentation resistance of the armour
Minimizes blunt trauma injuries behind the vest by absorbing more of the energy

UK standard: HG2 – hand gun level 2 – tested against 9mm @ 425 m/s Tested against .357 Magnum @ 450m/s
USA standard: NIJ 3A – ballistic standard tested against 9mm @ 436m/s Tested against .44 Magnum @ 436m/s
One of the major differences between these two standards is that the USA standard permits up to 44mm of back face signature, whereas the UK standard allows only up to 25mm of back face signature (this is the depth of the indentation in the block of clay behind the vest after it has stopped the bullet. This means that the UK standard requires the armour to absorb more of the energy when stopping a bullet, thereby reducing injury from the blunt trauma affect. Our vest is certified to both these standards

This vest is also certified in the UK to a stab standard of KR2 and a spike standard of SP2. This means that the vest offers excellent protection against attack from knives, spikes and needles, which is not the case for most bullet proof vests. This vest also has a V50 for fragmentation of 555m/s, which is 25% more than a NATO standard for flack jackets.

Overall, the main benefit of the armour is the comprehensive protection that is offered in one single vest (ballistic, stab, fragmentation, blunt trauma reducing, waterproof) compared with conventional armour vests.

This all normally RRP's for £510 but i will sell for £450 and will post to anywhere however postage will incur additional costs but i will subsidise some of the postage myself.

Paypal and personal cheques accepted
item sent once payment is cleared

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