For Sale - Waffen SS LAH Div M43 Uniform and Ancils

Im reluctantly selling my SS M43 uniform and the kit that goes with it.

To go into detail:

Waffen SS Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler Division M43 tunic and trousers: The uniform is made from an old swedish uniform and is absolutely perfect, i wouldnt even call it a reproduction its that good. Fits someone my size perfectly (5ft 8 and 32in waist, if you want to play dress up that is). The belt that comes with the uniform is 100% original and is dated 1942.

Greatcoat: Postwar but is the same field grey colour of the M40 greatcoat, which it looks very very similar to. Only differences are that the cuffs arent turned back as on the M40 and the collar is a darker shade of grey. All of the buttons, bar the two on the half belt, are original WW2 german buttons. I can maybe provide another two for the half belt.

Webbing items are as follows:

Y Straps - These are original but unmarked, in excellent condition.
K98 pouches - Both are originals and both were found on Jersey. One is marked 1941 but they are both in a pretty poor condition.
Mess Tins - Postwar but exactly the same as WW2 models.
Breadbag - Ive always been confused about this as it is exactly the same as an M40 model but appears to be stamped either 1937 or 1957 inside. After 1944 the breadbag was simplified but this one i have doesnt have any of the simpler modifications. Ive always thought it to be original.
Canteen - The canteen itself is original, dated 1943 and has a makers mark, the felt cover complete with leather strap and a few moth holes is original (the press studs are maker marked 'Prym'). Unfortunately the cup is a reproduction and a very poor one at that but it completes the look.

Ill even throw in an eastern front medal.

All in id be looking for about £500 for the lot. Im very reluctant to sell it as individual items but i will negotiate on price.

If interested PM me for photos and any other details.
I couldn't honestly say, ill look into it

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