For sale: the worlds smallest country

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Having bought off the old Prince, we could declare that its new name is to be Arrseonia.

    Then we annex Poland
  2. Who needs a country when you can have a planet! There must be loads going around as there's quite a few on this forum who are not of this one! 8O
  3. Someone selling off their country? Surely not. You'd never see our leaders doing that, I'm sure.
  4. No, they'd do it as a Private Finance Initiative over 25 years! :D
  5. No need to sell our country off as we're giving it away slowly to the east.

  6. Fiendishly clever, those Chinese
  7. Have you read the History of Sealand ? Fantastic, If anybody knows how to stick 2 fingers up to the Govt its this chap. Brilliant.

  8. Good idea. I'd like to buy it and start my own radio station; unlike Radio Caroline etc, they couldn't stop my broadcasts or sink my ship.

    I could have a 20 mile exclusion zone and charge import/export duty too.

    If I was being really clever, I could tax myself to death, not to mention makes lots of things legal that aren't in the UK, not to mention banning a whole bunch of stuff that was not to my liking.

    Road tax might be a bit useless though!
  9. Maybee Sven could run for President?
  10. :D
  11. And the west, russians, arabs and any swinging dick with the readies to buy our national heritage!!
  12. it's only six miles off shore!

    and it's not in international waters...... :roll:
  13. Fair enough, I would call my 20 mile exclusion zone a 'catchment area', where I would catch parking attendants (on the dry bit), haul them across to my islandy type wossname, do them for trespass, attach weights and throw the cnuts into the water.
  14. Excellent. I suggest take up a collection to buy the place and then once installed in the newly acquired country declare war and invade the United Kingdom. Well I mean, it's not as though the armed forces or the police are really going to put up much of a fight to defend the current ********* in power then are they? :)