For Sale (that is The United Kingdom or parts thereof)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Rattler, Oct 11, 2009.

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    I am not too sure these days, but has the UK got left that we own, or can keep for ourselves.

    WTF is going through the mind of this Prime Minister, one minute he is the Sherriff of Nottingham and the other hes Robin Hood..

    Whats his long term plan?

    Is he that bitterly twisted hes going to wreck the country
  2. "It does sound slightly like what he is doing is picking up the sofa and giving it a good old shake to see if there are any 50 pence coins lurking under the cushions, but nonetheless £3bn is not bad money."

    Very much so…

    The cupboard is bare and it's all 'Prudence' Browns fault.
  3. Are we selling the important stuff, or just the crap we don't need like the water, gas, electricity and the railways? :roll:
  4. Whatever it is, it's 16 billions worth (BBC R4 just now)

    Edit to say he's going to 'sell' student loans which are in fact debts. Credit crunch Mk2, here we come>
  5. His main effort is directed towards the next election, everything else is secondary. He will say or do anything in order to achieve his aim.
  6. I think if the UK has no money whatever we have left of value will be sold of to some other country. Ok fair point, BUT these fuggers will then charge us thrice the price for the same product, make there money back in several minutes and we will be bleed further not only by internal incompetence but by some dodgy share holder, Maybe Libya or Iran is ready to buy some UK assets like the uranium processing from Urenco.

  7. So why didn't your paymasters renationalise them in the last 12 years if they are so important?
  8. How much would 'we' get for the houses of parliament and/or the houses of commons?
    What would they get turned into?
  9. He may not have noticed that:

    1. the people who would buy such stuff (or arrange the same) are the investment bankers, hedge funds and private equity types his governemnt has spent the last 12 months variously demonising

    2. when you pre-announce vast asset sales (for short term effect) that tends to drop the price (see: Gold Sales)

    3. many of the takers will Sovereign wealth funds from countries not big on civil rights etc. But they have money so who cares

    4. this will not be seen as fiscal prudence but fiscal capitulation.

    5. everybody knows who is responsible for this.

    6. he is a cnut.
  10. Its quite clear the vision of this current government was a borrowed one and would be buy now pay much much later
  11. It's a bit hard trying to buy back assets at full market price that were sold of cheap when you are at the same time trying to rebuild everything that wasn't sold off. I can't think it could have been undone for less than £150bln.

  12. Indded, and it's sends out a great message to the money markets that the Gov has to sell gilts into…


    The next Giltss ale should be interesting.

  13. £150 Bn? Small change in Gordon the Saviour of the World's universe…

    Remind us again how much money he's chucked down the Banking black hole this year.
  14. Selling off Student Loans. Well that is wonderful. I can't wait to see what I have to pay back to some money grabbing b@stard in 3 years.
  15. Difference being we'll get all or most of that back when we sell they shares in a few years - renationalisation is cash that's gone forever, or until someone sells it all off again.

    Good to see you had the sense to agree with the rest of my post though :D