For Sale: Terrorist t-shirts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabtastic, Jan 21, 2006.

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    Hopefully the first person to be seen wearing these on British shores will be given a shoe-ing to within an inch of their miserable lives before being cast off the shores of Dover in a dinghy bought from Toys-R-Us and nothing more than a bar of
    Kendal mint cake that has spent a day wedged in John Prescott's arse-crack, for company. Cnuts.
  2. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine? Is that the same as the Popular Front for Palestinian Liberation? And which one split from the People's Front of Judaea?
  3. No its the Judean Peoples Popular Front...General Command (Danish Lefties Martyr Brigade) (Provisionals)
  4. Nah, the PFLP are the cnuts who, among other things, got a suicide bomber to waltz into a pizzeria and turn three teenage kids 14,15 & 16) into marinara sauce. Way to get back a Ariel Sharon, chaps. :evil:

    FARC are the folks those three bog-wogs were training in bomb making techniques in Colombia when they got caught.
  5. PFLP has carried out attacks outside Israel, khaled was arrested in UK having attempted to hijack an airliner. Thoroughly nasty set of middle class trots.
  6. Fcuking tw@ts. There is, as I recall, a healthy Hells Angels scene in Denmark. Maybe they can pop round to these leftie shites and welcome them to the real world
  7. Must say the Danish hams *ahem*, "liberated" in Angola were quite tasty after a couple of weeks of rat packs.

    At least they managed to clog up the pipes so we didn't have to worry about doing the Angolan Shuffle for a couple of days.
  8. Surely this is the next develoment of the 'look at me' student 'revolutionary' teeshirts with Fidel Castro, Lenin and Stalin etc on the front. Funnily enough, you never see any of those love-children with Hitler teeshirt logos do you?

    Smash the long as you don't wake me up. My favourite revolutionary anarchist was always Rick from the Young Ones. ''Thatcher's Bwwwwitain....Thatcher's bloody Bwwwwitain...'.
  9. Would you, perchance, be referring to the The Che Guevara t-shirts? I've certainly never seen anyone walking around with Stalin on their shirt. Maybe an odd Lenin Badge here and a Cuban flag there, but "Uncle Joe" hasn't been able to get a look in.
  10. Realy? Nah we're going to buy AK47s, bomb making kit etc so we can kill. :evil:

    Dumb or what?
  11. Well, yes, I was always prone to a bit of exaggeration. This is ARRSE after all!

  12. I'm surprised this BS wasn't dreamed up in San Francisco :-(
  13. Remember - Guns don't kill people, rappers do.
  14. *cough* I think Smithie was making an allusion to the Monty Python joke