For Sale, Swaps or Exchange.......

Due to unforseen circumstances (b0llocking) I am forced to get rid of an older model WAF (my boss) , looking for an exchange, sale or swap. She has fairly low mileage, only one careful(ish) owner and a full service history. Plenty of space in the boot, lotts of storage, and is a good starter after 10-12 bottles of Reef. Bodywork is fairly shabby, unfortunatley but can make up for that in other ways.

Looking for a nice young model, preferably 17-21 years old, paintwork must be top notch. She must be a good runner and start without any effort at all.

Any reasonable offer considered.
Hows the exhaust system? does her catalytic converter smell of eggs

Can we have a photo please, a picture paints etc

That's like walking into a car dealership and trying to swap your 10 year old mondeo for a brand spanking new Focus.

If you want to upgrade you've got to part exchange. Try offering your missus plus your malt whisky collection, your jazz mags and your season ticket.

I'll swap for a couple of dog eared and slighty damp Razzles though!
Do all the buttons and switches work? also does it rattle,and whats the upholstery like no carpet burns or anything is there?


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When does the MOT run out?
Exhaust is a bit dodgy, some strange odours emmitting from it.

There is a fabled starter button somewhere under the bonnet, but i've not yet found it! Upholstery is a bit ragged, and needs trimming. No carpet burns though.

MOT ran out years ago
Why not car share with a few of the boys for a week or so and let them test drive while you sit next to the drivers seat giving them handy hints on how you get the best from it when you take it out of the rubber sheets for its annual spin?

I would need a try before I buy deal :p
How long is her chain and will it restrict access to the front room ?

i dont want to come home from a hard day at work only to find her in the front room watching tele when she should be in the kitchen washing up or cooking !
Just a few Qs:

1. Are any of the gaskets leaking?
2. Does the model stated do 'bum tricks'
3. Are the emissions normal?
4. Are the seats worn/torn etc?

Have vacancy for suitable 'weekend project', as I enjoy 'tinkering' with older models!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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