FOR SALE- Suit, Fighting, Chinese, One Number

Selling 1 times CFS, grade one but good as new (lets face it, it's never been worn, has it?). Also looking at shifting 5 OG gore-tex bivvy bags. Offers please. Jacket size- 100/190, Trousers size- 2

sorry it's a sh1te pic
BTW, if i clear £100 between the bivvy bags and CFS, i'll post a picture of me in the gallery in a room with an ice cream and a minimum of 500 red balloons. Anything over £100 goes to the ABF.
make me an offer mate, theres five of em. PM if you like
I confess that I'm not terribly keen to own a CFS, but the Bivibags are more appealing.

Never got issued one, so I'm more familiar with pseudo-military ones sold to hypothermic squaddies. Do the ones you have have, have a hoop-frame type thingy to keep the fabric off your face when you kip, or is it just a flat envelope of OG Moisture-Vapour-Permeable membrane?
pretty much just the draw strung envelope mate, but i don't imagine it would be too difficult to thead a bit of wirre round the drawstring bit.
I'll start the bidding at a fiver for 1 bivi bag. How much for P & P?
damned if i know mate, spose it depends where you are. can't see it being more than a couple of quid, they weigh next to nothing and compress enough.
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