For Sale - Sgts Mess Kit

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ironrations, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. Sgts Jacket, trousers and waist coat, all in good condition. Fits me, Im 5'10 32waist and average build.

    Sensible offers.

  2. Hi Mate,

    I'm interested. Couple of quick questions

    How old is the mess kit?
    Is there any damage to the mess kit? minor or major?
    What kind of price would you be looking for?

  3. No damage, Ive had it about 4 years, worn it about 10 times. Looking for about £100. I do have someone who is sfter it, theyre on ex at the moment, if that falls through, I'll drop you a line.
  4. Hi mate,

    where abouts are you for delivery/pick up details. I'm in the 'Ford for the next couple of years and been told i now have to dig deep and get a set (Pah). Pretty much spot on my size, £100 also sounds fine to me.

    Let me know if this sounds good as i would take it off your hands asap(today).

  5. msr

    msr LE

    How many wind-up phone calls have you received?

  6. Probably more than he expected now his number is immortalised in your quote :D
  7. Anyone remeber the provo CPL at 7 sigs back in 88, got his third up then got done for DD 3 days later, because he was acting they made him act CPL again
    Someone put his mess kit for sale in the wire..oh how we laughed
  8. Oh..I forgot to add "worn once"