For sale scorpa trials bike


250cc Scorpa 2 stroke Trials Bike with the Rotax water cooled engine.

90's model known as EASY.

Good bits; The engine starts and runs, clean, gear box oil and coolant changed, new pads on rear brake.

Bad bits; Requires a new front wheel or new hub and wheel rebuilt, requires a new front disc, brakes require bleeding, and some of the fasteners are stiff.

Also included in the sale; Armstrong MT 500 front forks (no yokes), MT 500 wheel, (a spare 21" trials tyre and number board/light not in photos).

Bike would make a good project for a Crafty/Loggie with access to a REME workshop.

£650 ono (Donation to Hols4Hero's if sold via ARRSE).

Bike located in Buckinghamshire.

Repeated as photos would not load on my first posting.


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