For sale scorpa trials bike


Scorpa trails bike 250cc watercooled Rotax engine,

90's model known as the EASY,

Good bits; Clean, gear box oil changed, coolant changed, engine starts & runs, new rear brake pads.

Bad bits, Needs a new front wheel or hub & front brake disc, some fasterners stiff, brakes require bleeding.

Not road regd/legal, OFF ROAD USE ONLY.

Included in the sale some Armstrong MT 500 parts; wheel complete with tyre, forks (no yokes), also a spare trials tyre not in photo and a front number board/light.

A project for a Craftsman/Loggie who has access to a workshop.

£650 ono. (A donation to Hols4hero's if sold via ARRSE).

Bike located in Buckinghamshire.

Photos to follow.

Unable to post photographs, has the system changed? Advice requested.

Reposted as I was unable to load photos to this advert.

Mods please delete this advert.
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