For sale royal engineers items

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by DB216LOKDVR, Jun 7, 2012.

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    For Sale;

    A number of Corps of Royal Engineers items I have collected over the years, (some items may date back to WW2 and 1960's National Service).

    1, Brass Cap Badge (tinned) Kings Crown GR,

    2, Brass Cap Badge (as issued) Kings Crown GR,

    3, Staybright plastic Cap Badge (Curved style, no makers name) Queens Crown ER11,

    4, Staybright plastic Cap Badge (not as curved as above, marked RA HUGHES LTD,) Queens Crown ER11,

    5, Boxed Zippo lighter complete with engraved RE Cap Badge, purchased in the 1970's and does not appeared to have been used,

    6, Wall Shield, Corps of Royal Engineers purchased from Victors of Aldershot in the 1970's, slight wear,

    7, 9 X Brass RE Shoulder Titles without backing pins and plates,

    8, 20 X Woven TRF's,

    9, 3 X Brass RE's Collar Dog Bombs, on reflection 1 may be RA?,

    10, 1 X Cloth RE Trade Badge?,

    11, 4 X RE Brass buttons and 1 X Staybright button,

    Open to offers on the above and a donation to HOLS4HEROES will be made.

    Problems loading the Photos, hence why the advert has appeared twice!!!!