For sale RE WO1 Mess Dress

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by sapper3857, Nov 14, 2010.

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  1. RE WO1 / Officer Mess Dress

    chest 44-46, waist 38-40 excellant condition £200 ono
  2. How tall are you ?
  3. 5ft 7inches am a small porky fat git!! hardly worn have george boots with spurs size 9.

    Also have service dress too!
  4. Shame, waist and chest sizes good, but I am 6ft, so trouser leg and sleeves will be too short ...
  5. I’m interested mate. Do your boots have sours? And does it come with waist coat ?
  6. Look at the date it was posted.

    7 years ago.

    Furthermore: Spurs.
  7. Roger!
  8. He's Keith, I'm Roger....
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  9. Helm

    Helm LE Book Reviewer

    Are boot sours like brandy sours?
  10. That's the fella
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