For Sale - RE Service Dress/RE WO1s Mess Dress


Having recently left the Rotal Engineers I have stuck some items for sale on Ebay as follows. I rather the items go to a good home than just sit in my cupboard and attic :

Service Dress with WO1's badges on - Ebay Ref No2 60345967030
RE WO1's Mess Dress- Ebay Ref No 260345999124
Brown Officers Shoes - Ebay Ref No 260345971596 & 260345984412
Officer Service Dress Gloves - Ebay Ref No 260345986842
Sam Browne - Ebay Ref No 260345975461
George Boots and Spurs- Ebay Ref No 260345989947
RE WO1's No Dress Hat- Ebay Ref No 260345979469
RE Officers No1 Dress Hat - Ebay Ref No 260345982251

If you need any more info please feel free to drop me a PM.

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