For Sale R SIGNALS Mess Kit

R SIGNALS Mess Dress for sale. In surprisingly good nick considering 1 careless owner. Currently badged for WO2 but easily re-badged for Sgt/SSgt.
Waist 34-36, Chest 44-46, George Boots 10.

Considering I am an nightmare in the mess this kit is in bloody good nick, well no one has ever picked me up for being in shite order so that speaks volumes for the kit and not me!

Yes I am a mercenary bastard advertising it just before the Cpl - Sgt Board results come out.

PM sensible offers to me and we can talk prices/postage costs.
Signals mess kit is the same as RE, right? (Apart from the buttons, etc).

What height are you? Inside leg?
I am 5'10'' with an inside leg of 32 - 33 inch.
Will measure the kit properly this evening and post the answer.
Measurements are as fols:
Waist 34 - 36 inch
Inside leg tailored to 30 1/2 but with 2 1/2 inch play for lengthening
24 inch armpit to armpit
20 inch shoulder to shoulder
24 inch top of collar to bottom point
25 inch shoulder to cuff.

George boots seperate deal size 10 and in good nick. None of the tacky patent shite.

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