For sale. One Austrian bunker. One un-careful owner.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The13thDukeOfWybourne, May 1, 2008.

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  1. Austrian police have questioned a neighbour about how long he'd known Josef Frittzle's daughter Alice. He said " Alice? Who the fcuk is Alice? You mean for 24 years ... i've been living next door to Alice ".

  2. :roll:

    Bloody hell.
  3. Oh dear.............. :wink:

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  4. got a groan out of me!
  5. Old Austrian proverb. Women are like good wine ... best left to mature in the cellar.
  6. Austrians just want to spend time alone with their kids
  7. Shannon Mathews familly are disappointed that they have lost the world hide and seek championship, due to the Austrian family coming out of hiding after 24 years.
    A spokesman for the mathews family said it was unfair as they did not realise you could hide in your own house! :D
  8. Think of all those presents he gets on Fathers Day
  9. Or, definition of confussion: Fathers Day in Austria
  10. Yeah but it would only be that home made junk,mabey 24 years of sh*t pressies should be taken into account when sentencing.
  11. An Austrian man was asked how he thought sex ed should be approached. He said that the kids should be kept in the dark.
  12. Apparently stag weekends in Austria have taken a nosedive.

    Fathers really DO lock up their daughters........................

    Taxi? For me? Okay :wink:
  13. The Austrian kid cheated, she had her fathers help.
    Cellar convertions and sound proofing specialists,
    a faimly business,
    est 25 years!
  15. Sound of music 2 will be released soon, featuring the von Trapped family.
    It should be very good, as it took 24 years to complete in a secret basement in Austria.

    I don't need a taxi, I'll walk if that's ok.