For sale : Morale



Troop command is alright G-S as long as more senior officers in the same Regiment don't forget what it was like when they were subbies and dish out extras like there was no tomorrow.  After all did you ever get 5 extras for not writing a letter to the BC or for handing something in 2 hours late??  Answers on a postcard to.....  Lack of Morale Shop
         No Morale Street
         Moraleallgone City
I agree with Cloud Puncher.  why is it that power send normallt sensible Subbies mad!!  After all where does an equal rank get off telling you how, where and why you are doing your job??  I detest it and I hope it stops soon or else that is it - morale out of the window and respect - huh what respect! :eek:
Hmm - morale?  Is that like having a day off (well - that bit is) and getting stupid phone calls all day like "Have we got an MML 2?".  Yes mate - can't move for them round my house.  In fact - my garage is full of them.  I've got a load in my spare room as well if you want to get the duty driver to come and get me.  Fantastic.

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