For sale : Morale

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by lozenge, Jan 9, 2002.

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  1. Small quantity of morale left in stock, hurry before it all goes. (free to personal callers)
  2. I used to hold a small quantity too but just like my interest it is all gone!
    Fortunately I do have a whole heap of bad attitude though.
  3. JR


    I've got a whole chunk of Work here at bargain basement prices, if anyone wants some.    
  4. Beatings will continue until morale improves!
  5. Obviously everyone still has plenty of 'bollocks' left...
  6. sorry but if you're issuing morale we will have to take back all leave, you can't have both.
  7. Anyone looking for morale need look no further than South Armagh.  There is shed-loads of it ready to be harvested from the Blackthorn hedges there.
  8. Nah, the new DCI 2/03 CLEARLY states in the microprint that morale is to be issued only to serving soldiers with over 19 yrs service, 16 tours, 7 medals and Provost Sgts recommendation.  Then it is to be inputted onto UNICOM (then lost for a few months) and then claimed on working days only (ie, not weekends).  It is non-trasferable and abusers of the system will face disciplinary action and forced to transfer onto the Pay 2000 scheme.
  9. In a leaked memo from Morale Suppression Branch Glasgow
    "Action on discovering morale:

    Shout "Morale Morale Morale"
    Make a quick attempt to put it out
    If unsuccessful inform the relevant desk head and ensure the individual's name goes into the next E1 board for the SO3 Watchkeeper's job in Benbecula"
  10. Why is section 69 Army Act 1955 used more often than Section 64 Army Act? After all 64A deals with offences against morale!!
  11. sect 69 sounds nicer so when you are in front of the CO you can have happy thoughts instead of 'occasioning a military vehicle to collide with another vehicle' you wanted to have a crash
  12. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    I am a Freak

    I have masses of morale and NO work at all.

    Have just come back from Ex SPARTAN HIKE (skiing) where I drank my bodyweight in spirits every night, and will claim LOA!

    Have just beiged!

    Do B****r all at the office, generally walk around the overly large HQ with a clipboard and random paperwork looking for other scivers who have not yet become a sciving Jedi and get them to make me coffee.

    Am young, free and single in one of the best locations in the country.

    And bank Mouchos Livres every month!!!
  13. Sorry you should have received your moral during the period 2000 - 2001.

    Unfortunately you can't claim it retrospectively.   ;D

  15. Hello CC1. This is 24. Contact as at 20.15.
    Morale spotted moving left to right attached to Art Wpns SSGT who made band 7, and has 3 weeks Ren leave to squeeze in this year.. SSGT seen sporting a smile and whistling despite Infantry Bn best effort to suppress. I am observing. Out


    PAYCUT 2000: The way forward.