For Sale: Leadtek Nvidia 8800 GTX PCI Express Graphics Card

I couldn't manage to find an online retailer that still had any of these in stock as I did want to use SLI on two cards as I'm saving towards a new 24 inch monitor.

Instead I've had to slightly upgrade to GTX 260 cards and have this card stitting around doing nothing.

It was 360 quid new about a year back and all Im asking for is 120 quid. Payment by direct bank transfer or Paypal (preferred).

Card will be sent in the original box, recorded delivery, to be signed for at the other end. Postage will be free. I might even have a dig through my pile of old games and chuck one of those in too to clear some shelf space!

It's also advertised elsewhere and it's a bloody good price if you ask me!
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